Biden for VP

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging over the last few days. To tell you the truth, I have simply been too excited by the candidacy of Sarah Palin, but because I’m not supposed to be pushing any particular candidate, because I’m a priest and all that, I have been keeping my peace.

I realize that my readers are so much under my influence, and are so incapable of thinking for themselves, that I really mustn’t even suggest who might be a better candidate. 
I have to be fair and impartial and do my best to outline issues and not particular candidates, but since I have already voiced my enthusiasm for the upstart of this campaign, I guess I ought to give the other side a chance.
So, in an attempt at fairness I would now like to list all the reasons why Catholics should vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden….
I’ll get back to you when I think of some.

  • Jenny

    Yeah, I figured that’s where you were! Meanwhile, all of us “incapables” have been forced to meditate on the “stairway to Heaven” thing. Actually, a pretty good tactic, Fr. D.! Kudos…

  • Lee Strong

    Well, umm, they, well …