Catholic Quiz

Take part in this exciting quiz! Remember, there are points, and points mean prizes….

The clergy in the photograph above are:
A: Catholic Charismatics from the Diocese of Los Angeles
B: Members of the Society of St Pius X
C: English Anglo Catholics
D: Members of a Protestant Sect
E: C & D
F: None of the above
AND THE ANSWER IS ‘E’. The Bishop is Robert Ladd, Anglican Bishop of Whitby. 

I am going on retreat and all winners may report to my hermit’s cell in the Outer Hebrides at 3:30am next Tuesday morning to receive their prize of a bowl of watery gruel and a chunk of black bread.

  • Christopher

    FatherMy answer is EAm I right?If So…what kind of Prize do I get? Do I get added to your blog roll?!?

  • dustthouart

    Let’s say F! Because “none of the above” is always the most fun.

  • Christopher Joseph


  • the owl of the remove


  • thesheepcat

    B&D; (double entendre not intended)

  • Tune


  • Mark

    C&D;, if I recall correctly. Or just D…

  • Paul

    Has to be C – surely?

  • Marcus Aurelius

    Anglo-Catholics are still protestants, right? So C&D;.

  • Mac McLernon

    C & D?

  • Christopher Milton

    F. None of the AboveBy and by, that’s a whole lot of lace… spectacular!

  • Lizzie

    gotta be C&D.; As a Catholic in Fort Worth, I know that only an Anglican can bring that much tridentine vestment/biretta artillery to bear.BTW, didn't English Catholic clergy start wearing birettas to distinguish themselves from 19th century Oxford Movement types????

  • Carl


  • kkollwitz

    C: English Anglo CatholicsD: Members of a Protestant Sect

  • MAB

    E, I know it is E.

  • Mark

    I change my mind. It’s F:they’re from the Palmarian Catholic Church, right?

  • Dan

    Hmmm… nice contest, but make sure that the bread is dry – very dry.

  • Archistrategos

    St. Silas Kentish Town, if I remember correctly =)

  • Mac McLernon

    I’ll pass on the bread and gruel, and settle for a Hail Mary for my intentions instead…;-)(hey, you don’t ask, you don’t get…!)

  • Marcus Aurelius

    can we have the answer now padre?