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Parishioners at St Mary’s enjoy an extended Kiss of Peace during Mass on Easter Day.

Seriously: this is filmed in some sort of New Age yoga and yoghurt center, but people tell me they sing it in their Catholic parishes.
PS: There will be a cash prize for anyone who manages to watch the whole clip to the end without running from the room screaming for help.

  • mom huebert

    I only made it to 2:24, so I guess I’m out…

  • Paul Stilwell


  • German Family

    There isn’t enough money! Ten minutes!!! I didn’t make it past 56 secs…

  • John C. Hathaway

    I made it!I’d say what happens next for you wimps who gave up, but I don’t want to give away any spoilers.On the one hand, about thirty seconds into it, I was ready to fly into an autistic rage and smash the computer screen.Then I just went into my “fake catatonia” and tolerated it, the way I usually do at Mass.Does it count if one has to do “centering prayer” to tolerate it? :)It does have its entertainment value, like wondering if this is just an excuse for the men (and perhaps some of the women) to cop a feel, or waiting for the grand finale when a meteor crashes on the place, or a monster attacks, or aliens invade. . . . . You know, whenever someone gives credence to some religion or spirituality or movement on the ground that its members are “happy”, I say, “That’s all the more evidence it’s just a cult, and they’re brainwashed. I want a religion whose members are realistic. I can’t stand happy people.”

  • Gail F

    We sung it at all our Lenten masses.The worst part is that this is the refrain. It is actually not bad (poetry-wise). The verses are by a different writer and they are truly awful. The first one is:Marked with ashes we have come;we the world so troublesome;Something something, Christ our sum, but still in you…IT MAKES NO SENSE!! And the verses get worse from there!!!!! Can you tell how much I hate this song????

  • truthfinder

    2:13. Thank God we DON’T sing it in our parish. The fluffy stuff (yuppie music with lyrics which are terrible theology) is bad enough. Pardon me while I go say a rosary in reparation.

  • Tara

    “Gag me with a spoon!”

  • GlennR

    After seeing the dude with the long hair,t-shirt with pajama bottoms that was enough for me.

  • MD

    Is there a patron Saint of gag reflex?

  • Adrienne

    Amazing that so-called adults couldn’t find anything better to do with their time -

  • laurazim

    Man. Give that as penance for the most hideous of your parishioners’ sins, and they’ll never even THINK of reoffending. My computer blissfully gave up on this thing about 2 minutes in. Are there truly priests who allow such drivel to be uttered within the sacred walls of their churches? For shame……….

  • Lynn

    I skimmed this from your feed, and figured you were exaggerating, before I moved on to the next blog on my reader. 1:23 when I actually came over here and tried to watch. Oh. My. Word. And the very idea of grasping a stranger’s hand and clutching to my bosom. *snort*

  • JoannaB

    0.59 and cool pjs the guy is wearing.

  • JoannaB

    Actually for one brief second I thought you were being serious and this was some new initiative that you had set up in the Church hall!

  • torculus

    Gail – yes, a hate-worthy song. The song is an example of the worst kind of endeavour plaguing the Liturgy: bad theology; bad composition; bad musicianship. The doyens of dull (aka composers of of such thin stuff, along with misguided liturgists) have had their day – let’s get on with the task of restoring truly Catholic art (music, etc.) to Catholic worship.

  • Rene’e

    1:31Proud to say I have never heard that song at Mass.

  • jedesto

    Let’s revive the SMMMHDH !!!

  • julia flyte

    That was so warm and fuzzy. I’m going to kiss the carpet when I go to St. Mary’s this Sunday!

  • TomGuy

    Ahhhhh! I stopped briefly around 2:20. My one liners:Forget waterboarding — subject each terrorist to watching that 18 hours a day.Like the Farside cartoon showing *ell for Charlie Parker was listening to New Age albums, watching this would definitely qualify for most of us.Lord, help me NEVER be separated from you as I’m reminded (tonight) of how infinitely terrible it would be to be separated from you for eternity.I kept watching to see if Mr. PJ actually circled around the room and showed up on the left side of the screen. You’ll have to watch the whole thing to see if he does.I thought in the last two minutes that the hokey-pokey was breaking out.Having the Congregation for Divine Worship watch this thinking it was the Sign of Peace would convince them to move the real Sign of Peace to before the Offertory (as they are considering) so as to avoid this silliness before Holy Communion.I’ll stop there.

  • Marco de Puna

    0:46 seconds – my dog started barking REALLY LOUD!!!!!!!!!He is such a good boy; I gave him a big hug and a treat!

  • Andrew D. Hedstrom

    Isn’t this just the ‘Rite of Acceptance’?It does sound familiar, I’m only 21, and I’m sure I’ve heard it a few times at my parish.

  • peccatoribus

    I’m pretty sure that at the end one of the women is resting her hand a bit lower than the guy’s back. It is definitely resting on jean. This would all be very awkward.

  • Greg

    No cash prize for me today.

  • Kate

    What are they auditioning for?

  • Obpoet

    I do not think the yogurt is working. They should try some red meat.

  • Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ

    Do you think my Tablet post is OK? Can you add my new blog to your links Fr?

  • Victoria

    I didn’t make it to the end.I am not one who thinks people in embarrassing situations are funny so I turned off the video out of respect for the people.Are these people at a Mass?

  • David

    i lasted only 1:14. does that mean that I have to pay?

  • David

    i lasted only 1:14. does that mean that I have to pay?

  • Bailey Walker

    I bailed at 0:18. Ugh.

  • Subvet

    The wife and I tagteamed this thing. It was the only way we could go the whole ten minutes. John C. Hathaway is right about an excuse for men to cop a feel, it was one of my first thoughts (and I’ve just gone to Confession tonight!).I’m off to cleanse my intellectual and auditory palate with some Molly Hatchet.

  • rightwingprof

    If you need a liturgical brain enema, so to speak, here is the Bulgarian National Choir singing the Lord’s Prayer, the same setting we sing at our church. is risen from the dead, trampling down Death by death, and upon those in the tombs bestowing Life!

  • Nan

    Yoga people are touchy-feely and not freaked out when strangers touch. I didn’t last long enough to look at the length of time.

  • Jennifer

    1:24. Couldn’t take it anymore! THANK GOD I have never heard this horrible song before, nor have I ever been in a church where it was sung. Heaven help us!

  • Richard

    I’m with Julia Flyte (except that, oh yeah! We don’t have carpet) and Tara (good California expression). But also with JoannaB on “cool pajamas.”

  • paladin

    John, Lynn and Peccatoribus:My thoughts, exactly. Is it just me, or is the “fuzzy new liturgy” more sexually loose, year by year? I was half-expecting to see them pull out the tents and Woodstock-esque blankets, and join in a “Kiss-and-then-some of peace”…This is perverse, in addition to being aesthetically nauseating…

  • +JMJ+

    :51If you think you can stomach another atrocity, look at this

  • justrobnj

    17 seconds.That video made Baby Jesus cry.

  • K.H.


  • religiousstudiesscholar

    0:25. I don’t think I could have lasted till 0:30.