Sorry not much blogging this week. I’ve been taking some time off with the family. I actually wanted to do some painting, and ended up getting my wish. Only problem was, it was walls not canvas. We had a family project to paint the downstairs rec room and Maddy (or 14 year old) and I did her bedroom.

I’m off tomorrow to Philadelphia. On Saturday I’ll be speaking at the Philadelphia Diocesan Charismatic Conference on my book Praying the Rosary for Inner Healing. Valley Forge Conference Center, King of Prussia, PA.
 Y’all come if you can. Details here.

  • carmelitemom

    Father…I just saw your ad in the Standard and Times for the conference. I am from Philly…and I am still here! Sorry I will miss it. I just received your book “Praying the Rosary…” and it is much needed and appreciated now…excellent! Have a safe trip.

  • George Weis

    Man, I wish I could stop out to see you Fr. D! Only an hour away! 45 mins on a really good day.Have a great time!-g-

  • addeum

    Hey Father;Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m interested in hearing you speak at some point. Hope you have a good time in Philly!

  • Alyson

    When are you coming to England?!!!! I know a few people that would love to attend a conference/lecture/sermon etc that you would diliver:)

  • Fr Longenecker

    I’ll come to England when I’m invited!