Fr Jeffrey Steel to Become Catholic

Please pray for fellow American, Anglophile and Anglican priest, Fr Jeffrey Steel. He and his family are just about to be received into the Catholic Church. Jeffrey is living in England. He and his wife and large family will need housing, employment and visible means of support as they take this step. He announced his decision on his blog yesterday. Read about it here.

  • Éstiel

    Welcome, Fr Steele. It seems most Anglicans enter the Church because of the Question of Authority. You possibly come from a place of beauty, and you'll be dismayed by much that you see on your arrival.It's so ironic. (Has anyone else ever noticed what a master of irony our Lord is?) "Truth is beauty," said Keats, "and beauty, truth…" Well, not exactly. It's kind of like: God is love (so is love God?)Actually, you know, beauty is not truth and love is not God. So what would you rather? beauty and love? Or God and Truth?Hint: Nothing is so great a lie as half a truth.Conclusion: If you choose the latter, it will include the former, but if you choose the former, you get neither in the end.