Chust for Nice

One thing I have desired of the Lord; this will I seek

To dwell in the Lord’s house
all the days of my life
To gaze on the Lord’s beauty
to visit his temple

  • veritas

    Many, many years ago when I was a teacher, and believed I had to do everything my Catholic school wanted me to do, I participated in a mass celebrated in the school library where we sat on cushions, yes including the priest (!), and he celebrated, in minimum vestments, seated crossed legged at a low book table! IT WAS APPALLING!!!!Why I ever allowed myself to participate is beyond me. Refusing to join in might have cost me my job but there are more important things.This picture is the exact antithesis of the the fiasco I witnessed. This is how a church should look, this is how mass should be celebrated.

  • jedesto

    Veritas,You are correct: the APPALLING liturgies that you regret should never have happened. However, what the photo shows is not necessarily "how a church should look", nor "how mass should be celebrated." Grand opera may be the epitome of theater, but it appeals to only a very sophisticated segment of society.

  • veritas

    Jedesto,Whether it is in this baroque style or in a plainer gothic style, I believe the norm for mass is a full sung High Mass done as beautifully as possible. Low masses are meant to be an exception allowed to enable daily mass etc. In fact in the Orthodox Church there is no such thing as a low mass. The minimum for any mass should be full vestments, proper liturgical actions, kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament and as much reverence and beauty as possible.Unfortunately too many Catholics have never seen or had explained to them what a full High Mass is all about and therefore find it strange or even alien.Properly done and properly explained it should not be the case that a beautiful High Mass would only appeal to the sophisticated segment of society.In my Cathedral we have beautiful High Masses weekly and of course at major feast days. When our Cathedral is packed at Christmas and Easter, with up to 6000 people, they are certainly not just the sophisticated segment but a true cross section of all stratas of society.