New Book!

My new book, The Gargoyle Code has arrived from the publishers. These books are hot off the press and not yet available through bookstores or the internet. 

The Gargoyle Code started out as posts for Lent on this blog, and I then expanded them into a book Screwtape Letters-type book. Gargoyle Code consists of the correspondence between a senior devil and his minions as they attempt to tempt a naive young Catholic and an older conservative Catholic. The letters begin on Shrove Tuesday and continue through Easter Day so, while it can be read at any time, it also makes a super book to read during Lent.

Gargoyle Code is a paperback with 110 pages. It is a funny, profound and inspiring way to engage in the spiritual battle.
The book will soon be available to buy through my website, like my other books, but if you would like a special ‘hot off the press’ copy, you can purchase it like this: Send me an email saying how many copies of The Gargoyle Code you would like, ( and send your postal address. If you want me to sign the book, please say so, and if it should be inscribed to a particular person, please indicate that.
Then go to the ‘Donate’ button on the blog (on the right sidebar just beneath followers) and make a PayPal donation of $15.00 for each book ($12.00 for the book and $3.00 p+p) Once we get your email and donation we’ll mail the book.
 As a special introductory offer, if you buy two or more copies we’ll send them free of p+p. (just $12.00 per book) 

  • brad

    Why do you have ads on your blog that link to Churches that are outside of Communion with Rome that offer Ordination Certificates and also to ads that link to websites that promise lawsuits against the Catholic Church and link to groups like SNAP and Survivor Networks that are clearly against the Bishops and the Church as the two ads that are on todays post?

  • Adrienne

    I'll be ordering mine tomorrow as soon as hubby returns with the PayPal and Amx cards.I've also linked to this post. ;-)Could you say a small prayer for hubbies son who had rather serious surgery for a cancer on his tongue? Thanks…

  • Thursday

    in response to brad, read right blow the ads and you'll see Fr. Longnecker has posted a disclaimer:Google AdSense automatically generates advertisements which appear on this blog through the use of content on the blog. I try to filter the ads as much as possible, but the appearance of an ad on this blog does not imply either my approval of its content or endorsement of its product. Let the buyer beware!

  • shadowlands

    Brad Standing on my Head(uncle stan to his cronies) isn't really Catholic.He's a plant from Westboro Baptist Church. He kidnapped the real Dwight Longnecker(the one who writes the pro Catholic books)and forced him to publish the works of anti catholics,such as Todd Unctious and also an Anglican vicar.The more books you order,the sooner the real Dwight will be released,and then he won't need to advertise at all,as his plight will bring him fame,and indeed more revenue from book sales speaking of the kidnap adventure.We believe he is being held on a farm somewhere, near South Dakota(wherever that is).Well done though,for spotting the conspiracy.These Catholics eh? Whatever next?

  • Gorgasal

    Do you plan on making your book available through Amazon (specifically, guess 3 USD won't cover s&h; to Switzerland…

  • Fr Longenecker

    Gorgasal, the book will be available on Amazon eventually, but this takes some time. I'm happy to send the book to Switzerland for the same price if you want one.

  • BevansInc

    What an excellent title for a book! Thanks :)

  • Youth

    Hi. Would you be able to mail a copy(s) to New Zealand? I am happy to pay for the extra postage! No worries if it's to much of a hassle. Thanks.

  • Fr Longenecker

    Youth, of course well mail one to NZ. Just pay through paypal with the 'donate' button, and send me an email with your address and well put it in the post. If you want to make an extra donation for extra postage do so at your discretion through the 'donate' button.