Bishop of Ebbsfleet

Readers who are following the continuing blog series on Traditional Anglicanism might like to follow the combox where the Anglican Bishop of Ebbsfleet has weighed in. Bishop Andrew is a Provincial Episcopal Bishop otherwise known as a ‘flying bishop’. He is consecrated within the Anglican Church and ministers to a non geographical ‘diocese’ of traditionalists who are unable to accept the ministry of their own liberal Anglican diocesan bishop.

Bishop Andrew is a good man, and is trying to find ways for a group of Anglicans to be received into full communion with Rome. Despite my sharpish words about our Anglican brothers and sisters, I do want to put on record my own affection for them, and for the venerable and  beautiful Anglican tradition. I am not optimistic about corporate reunion schemes, but I hope and pray that something new and exciting will work out which might bring these good people into full communion with the Holy See.

  • fried chicken strips

    That was a once in a lifetime opportunity father.

  • doctoreric

    I think if an Anglican Usage Mass was in my area, I'd start going to it. But until these people become serious about crossing the Tiber, it seems like a lot of hot air.