Gargoyle Code

My new book, The Gargoyle Code is a book in the tradition of Screwtape Letters. A senior devil named Slubgrip instructs his insubordinate junior devil Dogwart as he attempts to tempt a mild mannered and complacent young Catholic. Meantime Slubgrip has to manage his own patient, an older ultra trad Catholic man. He also has to watch his back as there are plots by ambitious junior devils to supplant him and send him to the banqueting chambers of the Father Below…

The Gargoyle Code is not yet available on the website like my other books, so if you ‘d like one of these ‘hot off the presses’ copies, please send me an email at and let me know how many copies you’d like, and let me know if you’d like them signed. Then go to the ‘Donate’ button in the right sidebar of the blog and make a donation of $15.00. This covers the cost of the book ($11.95) and p+p.