Todd Unctuous on a Tearful Reunion

Connect here for an article that sounds just like Todd Unctuous…

  • LM

    So moving. I only wish Obama could have been apart the hug.

  • Jo Anne

    Oh my….so very Todd.

  • Steve

    Glad to see two statesmen working together to bring two American journalists home to their families. May God bless them all.

  • fried chicken strips

    My first response was who cares. I'm going to waste my time writing an article on the superfical sentiments of two statemen. Wo Who

  • Christopher Milton

    Lunch doesn't look as nice coming back up…..

  • truthfinder

    S-o-o-o… is Todd no longer writing for your blog, Father?Pity.

  • Fr Longenecker

    Like many freelance journalists, Todd Unctuous writes for many different markets. I'm sure when the occasion is right and inspiration strikes Todd will reappear on this blog