Mantilla finds a Soulmate

Listen hon, there aren’t many Catholics around who know how a priest is really supposed to dress, but now I come across this American woman called the Crescat who is the real hot tamale. Whew! I’m telling you hon, this gal knows how to find priestly pin ups, and I’m not talking about the ones with nothing on, but the ones with everything on.

Click over there and you will see pictures from her blog. She’s got this series called Manlace, and now it’s vestments week. I think maybe I’m going to write a letter to Professor de la Rochet at Salamanca University (he holds the chair in Ecclesiastical Haberdashery) and see if maybe they can give this Crescat woman some sort of honorary doctorate.

  • Carolina Cannonball

    Mrs. Hun needs to help the Crescat find her soul mate in return. Honorary degrees are a dime a dozen, just ask Obama. Got room for a Catholic Yenta alter ego, Fr. Dwight? You could give relationship advice.

  • laurazim

    Love it! I've been haunting the Man Lace posts over there for several days now…….

  • Anneg

    I'm SPEECHLESS! Priest and Bishop wearing lace, fiddleback and birreta in the Raleigh Diocese! I think I'll faint from sheer joy. thanks, AnneG in NC

  • Kathreja

    If Fr. is getting into the Yenta business too sign me up!