Mark Shea does it again

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I don’t know how Mark does it. He writes and writes and writes and still keeps one of the best and most entertaining blogs out there. He posted this video from YouTube which had me laughing out loud.

  • Giovanni A. Cattaneo

    Fight for the one true Faith and that England may be once again Mary's Dowry.

  • shadowlands

    Look at it this way Father,if you and Mark were guns,he would be a machine gun and you would be a high powered sniper.Both are necessary and manage to hit their targets!

  • Natasa


  • kkollwitz

    I see a snip of Kenneth Branagh as Henry V exhorting his men at Agincourt. My #1 inspirational speech.

  • Anneg

    Maybe I'm too cynical, but I think I've heard that speech from a "world leader" recently. AnneG in NC