Fight the Good Fight

If anyone doubts that the government is gearing up to tackle religious institutions who do not condone homosexuality, check this article on InsideCatholic about Obama’s appointment to the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission. In addition to this, check out this guy called David Bohnett–a wealthy homosexualist who declares open warfare with the Catholic Church. You can read about it here. Finally, guess which side of the battle the Anglicans will be on? Bishop Spong in this frightening rant only expresses in radical terms the position that most of the Anglican establishment hold. How do I know this? Because I have read the Archbishop of Canterbury’s real beliefs in an article called ‘The Body’s Grace’ and because I have read the statements of numerous Anglican bishops on the issue and had a personal conversation with at least one Anglican Diocesan bishop and several Anglican/Episcopal priests who are openly in favor of ‘gay liberation’ and implacably opposed to the Catholic Church, and admit that theirs is the prevailing view within mainstream Anglicanism.

  • Just another mad Catholic

    To paraphrase the late Fr Benson "The Two cities of Augustine lie before us to choose, one which denies the divine, is materialist and ultimately hedonistic birthed by the devil and Descarte and brought to terriable fruition by Dariwn, Marx and Nitcheze. The other tells us of the Divine, of Creation and Creator, concieved by Abraham our father in faith and of the mind of Aristotle and brought to fullness by the Angelic Doctor under the instruction of his Lord and God from whom the Bishop of Rome derives his Authority

  • LarryD

    Bishop Spong's rant…wow! He's like the paragon of hypocrisy!Time to gird our loins, fast and do penance. We're coming into saint-making days!

  • Anneg

    UGH! I had forgotten how painful people like JS Spong are for me. It was as a result of a conversation with an official from New York Episcopal Church headquarters that my husband returned to the Catholic Church and I came into the Church. We knew then that we were hiding our heads from great sin and that there was only one appropriate authority, The Church, Magesterium and the Pope. OF course, there is so much more in the Holy City I know now. So painful! AnneG in NC

  • Laura R.

    The supreme irony of JS Spong's rant ("I will no longer debate the issue of homosexuality in the church with anyone") is that one of the primary strategies of the gay agenda in the Episcopal Church was the so-called "Listening Process" — endless talk, "dialogue," "telling our stories," etc. Apparently it no longer serves a useful purpose.JS Spong has now come out with an equally childish response to the Holy Father's wonderful initiative in today's Washington Post online (sorry, I don't know how to link to it within this comment)

  • romishgraffiti

    I linked to Spong's rhetorical meltdown and a regular commentor Lydia said, "That’s hilarious and creepy at the same time. Like a scene from a C. S. Lewis novel. You can picture him sort of fading away as he rants louder and louder."

  • David

    I wish he would have just come out and said that all those who don't agree with him are evil. I believe that's what he thinks, but for some reason he can't bring himself to say it. Maybe he's worried that someone who's not afraid of violence will take up his banner and start offing Bob Duncan and Pat Robertson. After all, we must fight evil, right?

  • David

    …and just to be clear, it was people like Spong and his less straighforward fellow bishops who helped me leave the Episcopal Church for Rome. Thank God for clarity! Dave