From England…

As a writer one receives very little feedback, so it was thrilling to receive this by email today:

Dear Fr Dwight,

Greetings. We met many years ago at Celebrate in Cornwall, Uk, and I just wanted to especially thank you for your article in the Path to Rome book, instrumental in my own conversion to Catholicism, and in just a couple of weeks I will be ordained priest for the diocese of Arundel & Brighton. Please pray for me, ordination on the 2nd Jan.

Pray for conversions, and if you are an Anglican who is trembling on the banks of the Tiber, do not delay.  You will not regret it and so many graces will come to you and flow from you that you cannot now imagine!

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  • kkollwitz

    That's great news… the whiskey priest in Graham Greene's The Power and the Glory, you never know who you may influence.Except this time you do know.


    Those English are a good bunch really. You can't get much better feedback than that!

  • CarmelKid

    Hi Fr.Dwight: Jeremy in Uk sent me to your blog. Mantilla the Hon is a scream. Thanks for the book on Inner Healing and the Rosary. As a convert, am thrilled at what is happening in Rome. Our Pope is brilliant…What a week – first high Mass at St. Mary's in 40 years (SSPX) AND then the open door welcome towards the Anglican Church in the same time frame-God is moving!

  • Chris Mac

    This reminds me of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe." While Jadis, the White Witch rules, it's "always winter, never Christmas." But when Aslan reappears in Narnia, Christmas comes and then the land begins to thaw… spring arrives… When Pope Benedict took action to steer the Church in a new direction and to open it up to the faithful in the Anglican communion, the thaw began!

  • shadowlands

    "As a writer one receives very little feedback"Well, I would have given you feedback but I gave your book to an Anglican Priest. I felt that was a higher cause. I wanted to order the St Therese book(not sure of title) as I know this particular Priest is very fondof her. So….there's feedback and there's feedback I guess. Your poems remind me of my younger days, and of Heaven somehow, even though eye has not seen(and at my rate might not!).'Scuse my grammar Father, Estiel is working on it!