Forced Abortion on Teenager

This article from CNA follows the developing story of abortionist Abraham Alberto Hodari in Michigan. It’s a pretty gruesome tale. Learn more about Hodari here and here’s a list of his botched abortions.

He’s being sued by an African American woman who was only eighteen at the time of her encounter with him. She says she changed her mind about the abortion, but Hodari and his assistant held her down, held their hand over her mouth and continued with the abortion.

Now what I wonder is, where are all the feminists in the mainstream media? Shouldn’t they be at the front of the line to bring this monster to justice? Isn’t this a perfect example of male violence towards women? Why isn’t this hitting the mainstream press? I’ve searched and there seems to be only one women’s website that has brought this man’s horrific record to light. If you have the courage, go here and read the horror stories: teenagers’ insides punctured and wounded with reproductive organs ruined for life. Late term babies born alive with horrific injuries after botched saline solution poisonings, multiple examples of terrible medical malpractice, abortions performed on girls who were not pregnant leaving them wounded and scarred. The worst stories are of two teenaged girls who actually died at Hodari’s hands. Both were well on in pregnancy. Both died without their parents even knowing they were pregnant, much less going for an abortion.

Why does the mainstream media give Hodari a pass? Why aren’t this monster’s crimes broadcast across the headlines? Because he’s an abortionist and because the mainstream media are pro abortion, and that means they can choose to ignore violence against women, violence against blacks, violence against children, violence against teenaged girls and violence against the poor.

An abortionist can do no wrong remember?

  • Edward Elkins jr.

    I worked on petitions in California for an initiative to stop abortions for minors until their parents have been notified. One pro rights lady threatened to kill me . I ended up calling the police. Most people signed the petition and it got on the ballot. I left california before the voting. The initiative was to stop sexual predators who take the minors in so no one can find out they slept with an adult. Such as child pornography cases ect.

  • Edward Elkins jr.

    Hillary Clinton was a supporter for an intiative to make it legal for minors to get an abortion with notifying their parents in california. Both Obama and Clinton are pro rights and probably they keep the big brother organization fed with favors and the feminist groups

  • Coffee Catholic

    Yet another one for "freedom to choose" eh?Yes indeed, abortionists are Saints and we Catholics are extremist freakwads and a major threat to the world. The Feminists… the Liberals… The "Left"… they all LOVE death. They love abortion, they are pushing euthanasia, they are gah-gah over homosexual sex (which produces no life) and they can't get enough of hugging Islamic jihaddists. They want to live life to their fullest greedy, selfish potential even if it means DEATH to anyone that gets in their way. Where are the Feminists on this one? They are too busy trying to get the UN to force abortion and birth control onto traditional nations that still love children and life!!

  • margaret

    Abortion is 'the' shibboleth of the modern left. It's mind numbing to imagine how they've convinced such vast numbers that a woman's right to kill her own child is all that's between her and miserable servitude. I always thought it was the right to say NO if one considers motherhood undesirable. There are organisations like Feminists for Life and the Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians but I imagine they're pretty small in number.

  • Edward Elkins jr.

    The worst part to petitioning for stopping abortion for minors was that I recieved a death threat from a pro rights advocate. Not just because of the threat but because I also petitioned to stop gang violence and gang related crimes. I petitioned in one of the worst gang areas in L.A.. It was close to east L.A. . I never recieved any threats and even the people with criminal records who couldnt vote supported the intiative to increase penalties for gang related crimes. No death threats for fighting gang crime but for stopping abortion for minors without their parents knowing I supposedly should be executed.

  • Edward Elkins jr.

    I also petitioned to stop same sex marriage in california which did get on the ballot and the law passed. I didnt have any trouble getting people to sign. Most were friendly and any who were gay wouldnt admit it to me. I dont know why there was any more problem with the stopping abortion for minors. Except the bible tells us the world is the devils children. What if Satan has taught these people himself to be hate filled. They are really vessels of evil and abortion may be so anti life that is a priority on the feminists pedophile agenda. I think the intiative I was working on was tackling to evils so may of frustrated thier kind twice as much. One of the evils was to step pedophile sex predators the other abortions for minors without parents knowing. These both may be top priority for the fornicating porn munging haters.

  • laurazim

    Funny how those who chant the "keep abortion legal and safe" line of horse hockey never seem to hear about these horrific outcomes. Tragically, it's extremely common. Did you know that in this country, the restaurant indstry is more regulated and more heavily inspected than aboruaries? Yep–your side of fries is pristine, but the girl next door is left with a dead baby and a perforated bowel. Want some ketchup for those fries, hon?