New Virginia Governor a Faithful Catholic

Catholic Online reports here on the election of Bob McDonnell as the new governor of the Commonwealth of Virgina. Governor elect McDonnell is a pro life and pro family Catholic. Pray for him.

  • romishgraffiti

    Amen. Those of us in Virginia have a reason to be pleased. At another blog, a commentor named "Christine the Soccer Mom" noted:The media is really pushing that McDonnell did not run on social issues, and that may be true, but we do know where he stands on abortion, etc., because he answered the surveys sent out. Deeds, on the other hand, would not answer, and one group just looked at a combination of past votes, public statements, and party platform to show that he (and the other two Dems running for state-wide office) were polar opposites of the Republicans. All three are on the record saying or voting in the past to repeal our marriage amendment (one man/one woman), all three were on record voting against/speaking against Kaine's laws on banning state funds to go to embryonic stem cell research. (Yes, our Dem. gov – the head of the DNC – signed that AND a bill allowing for "Choose Life" plates!) It's typical of the Dems to ignore the requests for information from Catholic, Evangelical, and conservative groups for information on their stances on social issues, too. I've seen that party refuse to answer surveys for more than a decade now, and those of us who care look to see what they think. So, yeah, McDonnell might not have run on social issues, but we know where he stands. He told us as much.Scott

  • kkollwitz

    Virginians will soon see how he governs.

  • Steve

    Gov.-elect McDonnell is indeed against legalized abortion, so I do count him pro-life on that issue, but he can't be labelled pro-life across the board. McDonnell is a forceful proponent of the death penalty. In that area, he is helping to contribute to the culture of death that John Paul II called upon us to reject.

  • Heide

    Steve, as I understand it, the Church's position on the death penalty falls under the category of "prudential judgement." That is, one can support it or not and still be considered a Catholic in good standing. Abortion & euthanasia fall into a different category, however. They are always wrong and cannot be justified under any circumstances. I have watched Bob McDonnell's career for many years now, from fairly close range, and I can assure you that we Virginians are blessed to have a man of sound judgement and character as governor-elect.

  • Steve

    You know, Heide, what you've said here may be true in a legalistic sense, but it sure doesn't seem to address the issue of the Culture of Death that John Paul warned us about.I'm glad that you, along with many other Virginians, were able to participate in our democracy and elect someone you like and admire. But this does seem to be a case in which a very important issue — respect for human life, from conception until natural death — is not taken as seriously as John Paul asked us to take it. Personally, I think JP's reputation as JP the Great, as well as his potential canonization in the future, is due largely to his teachings about what we should do to encourage a culture of life instead of a culture of death. Clearly, though, some people do hold the death penalty near and dear, and they're unwilling to give it up. People make moral compomises all the time; that's part of our fallen nature as human beings. I hope, howevere, that we won't slap the label of "pro-life" on someone who favors the government stopping another human being's heartbeat. That position strikes me as pro-death.

  • romishgraffiti

    Steve, as I understand it, the Church's position on the death penalty falls under the category of "prudential judgement." That is, one can support it or not and still be considered a Catholic in good standing.It's section 2267 of the Catechism. The upshot of which is that if society can be protected and justice served by non-lethal means, then we are morally obligated to limit ourselves to those means. I'm totally on board with that, but I must confess that there is an element of the subjective and relative in it. Direct abortion has no such leeway. It's always and everywhere wrong. Scott

  • Tom in Vegas

    You know, every time I count on a political figure to meet my expectations, in this case a governor who will not sanction the destruction of an unborn child and who will actively partake in measures to abolish legalized abortions, I set myself up for a guaranteed letdown. After all, Pelosi is a good Catholic; Joe Biden is a good Catholic. Any more good Catholics like these and I’m SOOOO ready for a bad one.

  • truthfinder

    To Tom in Vegas- I understand and identify with your pessimism, but in my opinion, the only people who seriously consider Pelosi and Biden to be "good Catholics" now — are Pelosi and Biden.

  • holymonk

    If this so called "Faithful Catholic" is really a Faithful Catholic then he will listen to the teachings of the Bishops with regard to the Death Penalty and also the recent letter sent to the Governor of Virginia by both the Bishop of Richmond and the Bishop of Arlington asking for clemency with regard to the upcoming execution of the famous Virginia Sniper. Undoubtedly, there will be appeals in this case and a delay in the original date of execution so by the time the case passes through the appeal process, this newly elected Governor will be in office and will show us just how "faithful" a Catholic he really is.

  • Heide

    Thank you, romisgraffiti, for the clarification. You are correct, of course. The Church's position on the death penalty is more nuanced than my comment suggested. I stand corrected. And Steve, I maintain that Bob McDonnell IS a very faithful Catholic. No faithful Catholic that I know of, including Bob McDonnell, holds capital punishment "near and dear," as you put it. It is always a weighty matter and must weigh especially heavily on the shoulders of those charged with carrying out the laws, as Governor Kaine will do shortly. We need to pray for him and for John Allen Muhammed.