Stick ‘em Up

I only do this once a year. I promise. Last November I made an appeal for donations for just one week and all of you dear readers, were so generous that I was able to buy Mrs Longenecker that diamond tiara, the Manhattan penthouse and the yacht she always wanted.

Just kidding…Let’s be serious. If you appreciate this blog, then could you dig deep and either buy a book or make a donation? I use up time writing this blog that I could use writing articles that paid. I keep the blog going because I meet so many people who say things like, “Your blog helped me return to the church.” or “I read your blog every day. It helps me go to sleep at night.” or “My kids read your blog. You’re the coolest priest they know. Actually you’re the only priest they know, but that’s ok.” And other such stuff.

If you want to buy a book use the links on the right sidebar or go to my website and purchase through PayPal. If you want to donate use the ‘donate’ button.

This appeal will run for about a week. Then I won’t stick you up for loot again for another year. Promise…