Stick ‘em Up – Day Four

I’m giving it to you straight. Donate more money or I shoot Blytherington. The English priest is driving me crazy with his ‘stiff upper lip’ act. He keeps making endless pots of tea and trying to cheer up the fat journo and the Mandible fellow with lines like, “Come along chaps, have another cuppa tea. No need to be despondent. Where’s the spirit of the Blitz? Enduring a bit of hardship like a man is what put the ‘great’ in Great Britain. Chin up!” Now he’s started humming ‘Rule Britannia’ non-stop, so if you don’t pitch in with more loot he gets some lead in the head. I don’t care if he is some sort of minister.

Seriously, the annual ‘Stick ‘Em Up’ Campaign is going pretty well and you all have been very generous and bought lots of books and a couple of folks have made hefty donations. However, since I only do this once a year I’m going to push a little bit harder. It’s only for this one week a year, so if you’re a regular reader, here’s your chance to pay an informal subscription.

A donation is good, but why not buy a couple of my books? That helps too. Check them out on the right sidebar. Click the picture and it goes straight to the page on my website where you can buy the books. Let me know if you want me to sign them, or if they’re a gift if I should send them to a different address. I specially recommend Gargoyle Code.

  • chiralcapers

    Ooh, I didn't even think of that? Could you please sign mine, Father? =DAnthony OPL

  • shadowlands

    I'm poorer than you, I promise.