Stick ‘Em Up – Day Two

Make a donation or I’ll shoot Caitlin O’Rourke
Day Two of the ‘Donate or Buy a Book’ campaign. You can check out my books on the right sidebar or go to the special webpage here. Why not do some of your Christmas shopping early? My book Gargoyle Code is a ‘book in the tradition of Screwtape Letters’. Got a teenager? I’ve seen them pick up this book and not be able to put it down. If you want to buy lots email me and I’ll give you a discount.
Straightforward (very large) donations are also welcome…

  • chiralcapers

    Worked on me! Just the incentive I needed to actually set five minutes aside and place an order. Thank you, Father!Anthony OPL

  • Greg Watts

    I can honestly say that Path to Rome is a great read. In fact, I was there at its launch at St Ethelreda's church in London, when Father Dwight was plain Dwight and was establishing himself as a writer and broadcaster in the UK. We still miss him.

  • Karen

    Are you really going to shoot an innocent figment of your imagination?

  • Fr Longenecker

    Unless I get more donations the kid gets it…

  • Vernon

    It could make for an interesting moment in the confessional, confessing to the cold blooded murder of an innocent imaginary little girl who has a significant number of her writings out there in the blogsphere!

  • Steve

    Will she be a martyr? If so I am really going to have to consider this.