Cooking the Books

I was planning a post about Tony Blair, who has now admitted that even if he and Bush knew there weren’t any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq they would have invaded anyway and found some other reason. Tony Bliar has now come out and said that the world powers should all take drastic measures to solve the global warming (whoops) I meant ‘climate change’ problem, even if the science doesn’t hold up.

I was going to write about how our governments are trying to scare us into one reaction or another in order to consolidate world power in a ruling, non elected elite, but Mark Shea beat me to it. Just go here. If you care, I agree with everything he says.

I’ve just finished Robert Hugh Benson’s The Lord of the World and I’m feeling mighty bolshie about the atheistic, secularistic worldly powers. Someone on a blog somewhere has referred to me as ‘a happy warrior.’ I have never quite seen myself that way, but if the armor fits…wear it.

  • Christopher Joseph

    "I was planning a post about Tony Blair, who has now admitted that he and Bush knew there weren't any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and said they would have invaded anyway and found some other reason."With all due respect, this is not what Tony Blair said.

  • John

    I would struggle to find words to refute this nihilism, but fortunately Rabbi Boteach said it all in 2003, referring to the fake "religious leaders" who passed on the other side of the road rather than fight the worst fascist tyranny since Hitler:"…If there is one seminal thing for which the year 2003 should be remembered it is this: The year that the normally amoral game of politics trumped the usually moral teachings of religion.A year in which a former baseball-owner-turned-president of the United States emerged as the greatest man alive by expending treasure, lives and risking all his political capital to cross the world and save 24 million people from the killing machines of a tyrant. If George Bush never wins another election, if he indeed never passes another piece of legislation, I will still remember him as one of my greatest sources of religious inspiration for teaching me to what lengths a human being must go in order to save human life.And even in the worst case scenario, if he went to Iraq insincerely – if he did it to enrich the executives of Halliburton, or to avenge his father's honor, or because America needs Iraq's oil – I would rather have an insincere politician who saves lives rather than ostensibly God-fearing church leaders who do nothing to stop the murder of their human brethren.Many of us wonder how Europe could have quickly become so immoral, how polls can show that the majority of Europeans believe that Israel and the United States – two outstanding democracies – can be identified by the majority of Europeans in opinion polls as the greatest threats to world peace, well ahead of Bashar Al Assad, the rotten House of Saud and Moammar Gadhafi. To answer this pivotal question, one need look no further than the hopelessly misguided shepherds of this forsaken and forlorn flock. For if the religious leaders are not rooted in morality, why would we expect the people to be?For his part, Tony Blair, another great man, confessed in an interview that took place during the Iraq war that he had planned to end a televised speech, just before British troops stormed into Iraq, with the phrase "God bless you," but was discouraged by his officials. Perhaps when God is finally allowed back into Britain, morality will come in with Him…"

  • Thomist

    Your Mark lovefest has got to stop, Longnecker. Seriously, man, you can't go five minutes without praising him like he pulled you from a burning building. He's cool and all, but chill out, bro!

  • Laurence England for your post, Father. I sometimes wonder whether Blair was some kind of masonic infiltrator placed in the Church to undermine Her. He certainly speaks and behaves like the 'father of lies'.He told porkies about WMD, and now, like the boy who cried wolf, comes out with the global warming line. Reports suggest, btw, that he will stand to make money from the 'carbon-culture'.It is clear to all and sundry that money is his God.

  • servingblogger

    Father L – do you have anything good to say about anybody ?In the last few days, you've had a go at Tony Blair, global warming, Bishop Venner, your usual stuff about the A/b of Canterbury, and Anglicans who want to remain Anglicans etc. etc. I read this blog sometimes and it sounds like a clerical version of the National Rifle Association with you taking the part of Charlton Heston !You seem to define yourself by exclusion and vilification of others. Oh, I know, always in the pursuit of TRUTH !I do wonder what your Bishop might think if he spent some time reading your blog and the nastiness that exudes from most posts. And if he were to read it I wonder if he would be concerned that some of this stuff was leaking out in your parish life and your school life, particularly your school life. Do we really want our young people exposed to this kind of stuff ? I wouldn't.Hey, try a bit of Christmas kindess and joy and stop being such an angry, raging, old bald headed bully !

  • Fr Longenecker

    Thomist, what blog are you reading? I think the last time I referenced Mark Shea was December 1. There have been umpteen posts since then…

  • Fr Longenecker

    SB–thanks for commenting. Glad you're enjoying the blog!

  • Sandy O’Seay

    I find Mark Shea's article appalling and regret that you agree with it, in contrast to your otherwise splendid blog.

  • Fr Longenecker

    Sandy, you didn't say what you found appalling about Mark's post. Was it his exposure of the fear factor, his criticism of Bush and Cheney, his AGW skepticism or just his tone?

  • Mary Alice

    Loved and agreed with Mark's article completely, and I really appreciate you too, Fr. Longenecker. Every time the powers that be try to gin up fear over something else, I breathe, pray, and remember all the times in Scripture that we are told NOT to be afraid. God bless you and keep writing!

  • akira0238

    Don't worry Father, if you're pissing off folks on both sides of the aisle, you know you're either in the right place or WAAAAAAAAAY out of line.Personally, I think it's the first one.

  • Amy

    Did you know that when you typed the former Prime Minister's name the second time you spelled it "Bliar?" Like b-liar? Whether a freudian slip, an honest typo, or on-purpose, it's pretty funny.

  • Sandy O’Seay

    Father,This is what I found appalling:"So far, in the past decade we have been panicked about how Iraq is going to kill us all with WMDs, how some cave dwellers in Tora Bora are going to take away our freedom, how ticking time bombs mean we have to prostitute ourselves to a brutal coward like Dick Cheney, who turned America into a nation with legal torture,".Cave dwellers in Tora Bora?Prostitute ourselves?Dick Cheney a coward?A nation with legal torture?These are comments that are better found on the MoveOn, etc., web sites. I find these comments distasteful at best.

  • Fr Longenecker

    Sandy, Thanks. I understand. I was agreeing with the overall thrust of Mark's comments. Doesn't mean I agree with all the detail.

  • Thomist

    Hey Fr. Longnecker,Just happened to see Shea references the last few times I came on here. I come around from time to time. Apparently my poor joke was enough to horrify the wife, so I figure I owe you an apology. I'm sorry I referred to your relationship with Mark Shea as something of a Mancrush. Didn't mean to offend anyone. ~Thomist

  • ebed melech

    "Hey, try a bit of Christmas kindess and joy and stop being such an angry, raging, old bald headed bully !"Servingblogger's comments here reminds me of a wonderful phrase from St. Francis de Sales:"Some people are so nice as to be unkind."Perhaps you should consider developing a more manly posture regarding the truth. As Belloc once wrote:"All men have an instinct for conflict: at least, all healthy men." The truth is always worth defending, even if it involves conflict. A real man recognizes that engaging in conflict is not always a vice. Rather, sometimes a lack of conflict may be more indicative of a lack of virtue.

  • Fr Longenecker

    Thomist, no offense taken. I have thicker skin than that…