Deo Gratias

It’s the anniversary of my ordination today
Believe in miracles!

  • Fr. Christopher George Phillips

    You will be in my prayers at Mass this morning, and I give thanks for your priestly ministry, my brother.

  • Fr. Gary V.

    Happy Anniversary! Ad Multos Annos!I will remember to pray for you during the Mass.

  • Paul

    Happy anniversary, Father. Thank you for your ministry.

  • Anneg

    Happy Anniversary, Father. AnneG in NC

  • ebed melech

    Axios! God grant you many years, fath

  • ebed melech


  • Fr. Daren J. Zehnle

    Happy anniversary!

  • Karen

    Happy anniversary, Father!

  • Francisco

    Feliz aniversário, meu Padre. Ad multos annos.

  • Dean


  • Andy

    Happy Anniversary Padre Dwight!

  • Antonio

    Ad Multos Annos!

  • shadowlands

    Every good wish and prayer Father, May Our Lady keep you faithful and armed for the task ahead. Ros

  • Neophyte

    Happy Anniversary!

  • the owl of the remove

    Congrats, Dwight – ad multos annos!

  • bathon

    Happy Anniversary Father, and your homily at the 11 mass was wonderful. Even my daughters commented on how much they enjoyed it!