Former Episcopalian Bishop Ordained

John Lipscomb, formerly the Episcopalian bishop of  Southwest Florida, was ordained priest this week in Florida. Here’s an article from the local press. I met John a few weeks ago when priests ordained under the pastoral provision all met in Tampa on retreat. We connected because he too was brought up as an Evangelical. His father was a Baptist preacher.  Both of us went through Anglicanism to the Catholic faith. John is married with two grown children. Congratulations John!

  • Whimsy

    Congratulations!For the Church, Father's ordination is more than a laginappe, but a real blessing!

  • Liesa Gonzalez

    He goes to my parish! How cool is that? I dind't even know this until our pastor put it in this week's bulletin. He will be saying his first Mass next weekend at my church. Very, very awesome…

  • radio45

    Welcome! May God richly bless his ministry. He has already blessed us with his presence.