Watch Out a Bully’s About!

This morning I woke up to read my combox only to find myself being called an ‘angry, raging old bald headed bully.’ And this from a person who thinks we should all be more kind to one another ….So go figure!
Anyway, everybody better watch out. I’ll probably eat you for dinner…

  • the Egyptian

    You are by far my favorite Ogre , telling the truth only causes the Devil to scream in people, the rest of us love you. Bless you Father and a belated happy anniversary on you ordination

  • romishgraffiti

    Note that the complaint was all characterization and no actual engagement of the subjects at hand. Scott W.

  • shadowlands

    I like bald heads, some of my best friends are bald, and that's just the women. And you're not old Father, you're eternal just like the rest of us! You're not what you will be, yet. But you're always who you are.Also, I would personally appreciate more posts mentioning Mark Shea, maybe three or four a day at least. Seriously, I enjoy the banter between you two, re followers and who is beating who. I think you are in the lead at the moment?

  • Karen

    I know some angry raging old bald headed bullies and I don't think you fall in that category. I think it's possible that some people just don't get you. (Such as those who have no sense of humor.) Oh, and you're not old enough to be considered old. When you start rambling incoherently about things where you clearly have no point or clue, and have a few liver spots on your bald head then we can safely call you old.

  • Victoria

    My favourite rival post was Fr Z politely pointing out to you that he was walking on water. Slam dunk for Fr Z!