Convocation of Priests

I’m heading off to Charleston today for our Diocesan Convocation of Priests. Anybody know the proper collective noun for a group of priests?

  • Gretchen

    A mass of priests?

  • shadowlands


  • Francisco


  • blackshama

    There are collectives for nuns "A gaggle of nuns"or the 1990esque"A whoopi of nuns"A "mass of priests" lacks wit. "Superfluity of priests" lacks relevance. People hardly know what superfluity means!Perhaps a "homily of priests"? or as John Paul II once jokingly said a "Sanhendrin"A "Sanhendrin of Priests" may be apt!

  • Patricius

    A Presbytery ?

  • Gregory

    Hmm, My first gut rection tells me to use "gaggle" like for geese, or maybe even "brood" like for vipers……Ya know these two terms are just not too reverent…… How about Conclave? Priesthood' may refer to a group of priests…..How about Holy rollers?

  • James


  • Kathy

    I like posse.

  • HermitCrab

    Well, if you looking for a name, why not consider one of the following designations:Cacophony of PriestsConsortium of PriestsPious Union of Priests-or, my own personal favorite-Men in Black: Protecting the Church from the Scum of Heresy

  • Karen

    I was originally thinking a gaggle, but how about a pack of priests.

  • jedesto


  • Peter Brown

    A consecration of priests?

  • Bill


  • Maggie

    A group of unicorns is called a blessing. I'd say the same for a group of priests!

  • Thom

    I believe the correct term is a discretion of priests.

  • Laurence England


  • craig


  • JanuskieZ

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  • Hesiodos

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  • mcford100

    A scrum.

  • Obpoet

    The plural of priests is Proust.

  • Bailey Walker

    A "pride of priests"? A "murder of priests" (especially if all are wearing clericals.Oremus pro invicem!

  • Bill Scott

    A congregation of priestsAn ostentation of cardinalsA brace of alter-servers

  • Neophyte

    Men in Black?

  • Joel


  • JD Curtis

    A rookery? (as in penguins :-)Or how about a "murmuration"?