Shea-uman Changes the Subject

Shea-uman boasts 324 followers and says he has vanquished Fr. Longenecker. Errrm. Anybody can see that this blog has 331 followers. Then he posts this ‘funny’ Google fight to prove his point.

Well Mr Shea, with your bulk and your facial hair and your jolly demeanor and your prolfic writing you may be buddies with Dale Ahlquist and fancy yourself the G.K.Chesterton de nos jours, but being an Oxford man, an Anglican convert priest and somewhat of a writer myself I humbly submit to being the Ronnie Knox de nos jours. What’s more, I’ll bet I can do a better fake English accent than you any day.
Your feeble little Google fight was amusing. Very droll indeed, but readers who are interested in the truth may go here.

  • Christina

    What fun. You do realize though that if you put quotes around the searches that he wins? ;-)

  • Fr Longenecker

    In fact I realize that MS has far more readers than I do. It just happens that I have more followers for some reason.Maybe he has quantity and I have quality…

  • Paul

    This was quite instructive, though; as was this.

  • shadowlands

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  • shadowlands

    Cool, but the fight doesn't last long enough. I wanted something that made it worth microwaving popcorn for, and all I got was a three second Irish jig.Pithy poor popularity test.I think there needs to be a better and regularly reviewed way to prove your popularities. Maybe you could both do a singing video, or even recite something? The list grows in my head………..

  • Mark P. Shea

    So! It's British Accent contests, is it?Ha!

  • shadowlands

    Just watched the video Mark, accent is spot on(but you know that)!Mmmm…wonder if Father has seen it?