Nashville has first married priest

Deacon Greg has this story about the Diocese of Nashville’s first married former Episcopal priest.

  • James H

    By the way at the Deacon Bench I am comment two under "jh" in that post.Father I suspect you get a lot of "Married Catholic Priest interviews" I know you can't control the sub story that is done in these interviews but I hope you will consider my comments there and throw some of that other information out there I mention if it appears the reporter will be making "Why can't we have married Catholic Priests" and the related comments about the Priest shortage a major theme.He might not put those insights in but he might.

  • Ben Vallejo

    Why can't we have married Catholic priests?Answer: We have. The Ukrainians, Melkites, Ruthenians, Maronites, Greeks etc have them. Unless one thinks only Latin Catholics are Catholics.The bishops of the Eastern Catholic Churches are the biggest advocates of having unmarried priests. While they recognize the value of having married clergy (in living the priesthood among families who experience they own concerns as fathers), they also realize the problems of having them (such as providing support to the priest and his family). The Cardinal of the Maronites calls the celibacy discipline as "the most precious jewel in the treasury of the Catholic Church"The Cardinal recognizes that celibacy and marriage are so hard to live up to in a world where materialism and sensualism is held as a standard. Celibates and married men are called to be chaste.Perhaps the question really isWHY CAN'T WE HAVE MORE UNMARRIED PRIESTS?