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Can any techies out there explain why I consistently have more followers than Mark Shea and even have more followers than the Catholic Blogger King Fr. Z and yet I am sure both of them have far more regular readers than I do.

  • croixmom

    why are you sure they have more regular readers and why does it matter?Your blog is different in every way from theirs. I love your blog, Father. Personally, I don't think you need techies to answer your question. I think it's a gift you are receiving to help you with that ever evasive virtue of humility.Thank you for your blog. all my friends swear I am the true author of Mantilla….. I'm a tiber swimmer and didn't even know it until you told me and now I'm totally in love with my FSSP parish. what do you want, Father?

  • Fr Longenecker

    I'm not really bothered. Just curious.

  • TomBombodil

    There, Father, I became a "follower" so that you could get to the magic 400 number. Mind you, this number is not good enough to get you an automatic nod into the blogger's Cooperstown (for a power-hitting blogger, the magic number is likely 500), but you are on your way. Sorry to post and run, but I have to go and read Father Z and Mark Shea. :-)

  • Tracy

    Well, I'm only one person registered, but I often read your blog to my kids–and I've got six of them!!! :-) So, take courage,Father, we love you!

  • Karen

    Maybe you have more followers because you have so many cool alter egos. (Are Caitlin and Mantilla coming out to play anytime soon?) I read the other two blogs but not every day. I only read them when I'm procrastinating, bored or I see a link to them in another blog. Simply put, I prefer your blog to theirs.

  • Nod

    Ok, I'll take a stab at it, since I'm a techie.It's a function of 2 things: the first one is — you ask people to follow you.The second is: you're not so "big" as to be perceived as "unapproachable". I guess that makes you friendly.Ok, those weren't technical answers (technical answers tend to bore other people). ;-)The "Friend Connect" feature is exclusive to Blogger/Google. So only Blogger based blogs will use it. Also it only counts "public" followers – people who put up their marker, so to speak.Also technically you CAN embed the Friend Connect feature on non-Blogger blogs if you know what you're doing. Catholic Dads Online used to be on Blogger, then moved over to WordPress, but kept the Friend Connect/Follower function.The RSS feed counter is a completely different thing. It counts all requests for syndicated content (which includes public and private users). You can't necessarily tell "who" is requesting that feed. These numbers are invariably higher than the Friend Connect/Followers.Not counted are people who just stop by the Web page or who read the content using something OTHER than a "feed reader".

  • Peter

    Why are you so sure?I read your blog daily, but don't use RSS or Friend/Connect. I just browse on by……

  • shadowlands

    I think you and Mark have a similar type of atmosphere on your blogs, approachable as a previous commenter said. Mark does occasionally shout and threaten torture to his readers, which you haven't….yet.Fr Z is approachable, well he is on his travels. He was in England last year,and asked people to text him, which I did and he replied twice and even invited me to join him for a drink!( as he did many others, I'm sure ).It is very difficult for me to comment on his blog though. One seems to have to sign up or into something each time, and I can't stand all the faffin' details so just move on to some other blog. He's a bit hight brow for me, as well. Not that you and Mark aren't high brow, but you manage to make things understandable for the masses ( like Lewis did ), which in itself is quite a high brow thing to do, I reckon! Followers are eternal souls who need to hear about the God who loves, saves and restores. Maybe God sends the souls and it's nothing to do with the individual blogger's style. Old nick certainly sends the odd trouble maker so why wouldn't the Lord direct a suffering soul?

  • Der Wolfanwalt

    For my part, Father, I think the difference is that you're not a personality. You've got time to sit around and argue a point, and make sure that we your readers understand it.Also, to second Shadowlands, whatever hoops Fr. Z tries to make you jump through just for the privilege of commenting on his blog…gar.Personally, I find lots more comment-worthy stuff here. :)

  • Paul

    Being a Brit, I find a lot of other US blogs too caustic (like the ones you mention) which shows particularly in their patronising replies to commenters, which isn't going to encourage return visits from those belittled!They seem to sacrifice any pastoral nous for orthodoxy, with what seems to be a know-it-all approach, like Fr Tim Finigan's blog over here (The Hermeneutic of Continuity). If he could make himself more user friendly, he wouldn't only attract people with an agenda and those who live in an ossified church, but might woo and engage people to look at their faith more seriously (as yours does) as his articles are good. But alas, apart from his cronies, we've seen him in action frequently in the past ('live' at his Faith meetings), and my wife reckons he does rather love the sound of his own voice, and this comes across in his blog. :)Your approach (like Fr Barron's 'Word on Fire'), despite being completely orthodox, is 'et-et' when it comes to people and considering your readers.You are balanced, gracious, don't rant (e.g., with aggressive fisking), and most of all, consider the normal Catholic reader, and seem to lack a need to play to the gallery to show how clever you are.Every blessing. I'm so grateful for your blog: both the humour and the excellent articles!

  • Fr Longenecker

    Goodness, all these kind and generous comments! But I wasn't actually feeling sorry for myself or fishing for compliments.It really was just a techie question wondering what the difference was between number of daily visits and followers…

  • Tracy

    Maybe you should ask how many of us have you as our homepage?Here's one!(BTW, my kids and I love your "chust for nice" blogs.)

  • Paul

    "I wasn't actually feeling sorry for myself or fishing for compliments."- So what? You deserve them. It could have been considered sycophantic if I'd complimented you out of this context. :)

  • Andrew

    Part of the "follower" issue comes from a lack of coherence in determining follower count. You may have so many followers on Blogger, so many on Google Reader, and then who knows how many on who knows what other platforms. And we haven't even touched on people who just have your RSS feed/link as a browser bookmark.Basically, the question of follower count is sufficiently vague as to be mostly useless.

  • Shan

    Fr. L,My husband has pointed me to your blog a couple of times recently, and I love what I've read here. I don't follow blogs because I could spend HOURS a day reading them, but yours is definitely one that I'm bookmarking and will return to. My husband and I won't be counted in your numbers, either, since we aren't subscribed in any way, unless you get page hits, as well. Anyway, you are a true blessing, and I thank you for making the time to keep this blog.