School Mission

Br. Felix and Fr. Luke of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal at St Joseph’s Catholic School for our first school mission. The Friars were a great blessing to our school community.

  • Christine the Soccer Mom

    Lucky. I haven't been to the mission (got the flu last night), but on Saturday evening, one of the priests from the mission told everyone that the Gospel According to Saint John was actually written by Luke, that he didn't originally put in the bit about the woman who was nearly stoned because Christians "weren't ready to hear that message", and that Luke revised things and added more stuff later.Fortunately, my husband was given the grace to do damage control without damaging the girls' (11 and 8) ideals of priests as knowing right from wrong.Of course, same priest says on his groups' website (this is a group that does parish missions and retreats all over the place) that the new Mass translation is not good and Bishop Trautman has the right idea in that the language is too hard and wordy for us out there in the pews. So I shouldn't have been surprised.MY pastor, God bless him, was out of the parish from last week to mid-week this week. I missed him lots on Saturday, let me tell you. *sigh* I do dream of our area having a really orthodox bunch in for the Lenten Missions. We'll see when it happens. God is teaching us patience, I guess.

  • becket

    Just don't bring those instruments to Mass. Keep them at home. We have enough problems with the NO Mass.

  • Fr Longenecker

    becket — I've been to very reverent masses where the music was led by guitar playing musicians. I think you have to look deeper than that.

  • Giovanni A. Cattaneo

    Father I am sorry but we keep not seeing eye to eye on this. Popular instruments do not constitute a continuity in the Latin rite of the Church and it is an abuse on Sacred Liturgy. This is the very face of modernism. The Church under the leadership of Benedict XVI is in the process of recovering its Catholic identity. These things do not help in that regard.

  • Fr Longenecker

    Giovanni, far from being 'the very face of modernism' the guitar is part of a hermeneutic of continuity' which must be part of the Divine revelation.Do we not admit that the psalms are full of instructions that they should be sung with the accompaniment of stringed instruments. Indeed the worship of the Jews was not only with stringed instruments but also with the tamborine!The tradition comes to us therefore directly from Scripture itself…

  • Rene’e

    Father,I just finished the Gargoyle Code. I throughly enjoyed reading it.How about a part two?

  • becket

    Quote: "Popular instruments do not constitute a continuity in the Latin rite of the Church and it is an abuse on Sacred Liturgy. This is the very face of modernism." Agreed!. Same for the Byzantine Rite, Coptic Rite, etc.. You do not have popular instruments in those liturgies. Probably the same would apply in the Anglican Use as well. Father I have yet to experience a NO Mass done as reverently as the Eastern Churches or the Extra-Ordinary Form in my lifetime.

  • Matt

    I agree, Father, that the guitar can be a reverent part of worship during Mass. Some people will never be satisfied, though.

  • Niall

    becket and Giovanni's comments reminded me, Father, that for the first 1800 years of the Church, until the very end of the 19th century, Catholic churches did not have electric lights. Electric lights are therefore not part of authentic Tradition.Is it a coincidence that the rise of modernism and liberal theology has coincided with the rise of electric lights in church? I think not. See the work of the great Latinist and Tridentine scholar Lord Hillary St FFyfe-Cholmondley-Winklestock, 17th Earl of Loony, "Against the Electric Heresy", in which he demonstrates that not one of the Church Fathers or the Scholastics was even aware of electric lighting, and that any pope who claims to endorse electrical practices thereby relinquishes his authority. Our Lord himself never touched a light switch! I think I'd better have a lie down now.

  • the Egyptian

    Maybe we should say a guitar in the choir loft played by some one competent. Not the folk group with 4 to five tone deaf happy clappy holdovers who so thrilled to be so trendy that they get to stand up in front of Mary and squawk and howl like tone deaf cats clawing at the strings doing a look at me aren't I great act. Accompanied by a piano, yes we have to have piano in the sanctuary, a second guitar a flute and a so called soloist. Even more galling because we just spent in excess of 250,000 to rebuild our pipe organ. PS our organist informed me that if anyone tried to have a Latin mass he would lock up the keyboard of the organ and hide the key, "it would make more sense to have a Chinese mass than a Latin one and no one speaks Chinese here" I despair

  • Christine the Soccer Mom

    I could lament that our main instruments at Mass are guitars and a piano (we have no organ, but do have a beautiful grand piano that someone DONATED to our parish shortly after we were consecrated). I used to feel all sorts of uncharitable things about it.Then, one Sunday I saw a parishioner who had a deep love of the Extraordinary Form (EF) in the choir, playing his guitar at Mass. He and his wife have confided in me that they wish there was at least one EF Mass in our area a month; it would be so lovely. And this is a couple who was *married* in the EF. I decided from that day on that I would not inwardly complain about the guitars. Our instrumentalists are actually quite good, and we even add wind and brass instruments on big feasts (Christmas and Easter, esp.) for a more orchestral effect. But if my friend, with his love for the EF, can play in the choir and be at peace, then I, who have never attended an EF Mass (but who longs only for a smattering of Latin and Greek in the Ordinary Form) can also be at peace.Who says God doesn't work on us a little at a time? Not me, for sure! He's working on me very steadily, and I find that my 2×4 isn't applied to the upside of my head nearly as often as the Good Lord used to use it. ;)I do pray that all of those who have such deep love for the EF can find it in their hearts to be more charitable towards the Ordinary Form (OF), and understand that it can be – and is – celebrated with love and reverence. If you doubt it, I'd invite you to my parish for the Easter Vigil. (A friend of mine from the Alexandria area came a few years ago and was blown away by it's reverence and beauty. And she can even be hard to please.)

  • Giovanni A. Cattaneo

    To NiallFunny you mention electricity and non natural light because indeed the Church has a prohibition on it being used to illuminate or in any way alter the look of the Eucharistic bread. Which is what some people wanted to do so it would look more inspiring. To FatherThat may have indeed been the early tradition of the Jews but it never translated in to the Latin Rite of the Church. Hence it is not our tradition but rather something foreign part of which can be seen as disruptive innovation. To MattI will be satisfied when the Roman part of the Church recovers its Roman identity. Guitar which is the very symbol of the disruption of the 60s and 70s is not acceptable as the main instrument in the Liturgy.

  • fried chicken strips

    St. Mary's in College Station, TX is an excellent example of appropriate acoustical guitar in sacred liturgy. I was skeptical until I heard them there.

  • MB

    Giovanni – I truly don't mean this flippantly, but: have you considered asking the Lord what He thinks of guitars at Mass? I know from experience that He listens, and when He wants to reply, He does. I hope that helps you with your concerns.

  • cricket

    I'd be in favor of the lute at Mass on extraordinary occasions, provided the music antedates the Reformers.