The British are Best

OK, I’m sometimes bashed for bashing the British. Let it be on record that I love Britain–especially England, and have lived there almost longer than I have in my own country. One of the best things about Britain is the Daily Telegraph. This paper has the best reportage, the best quirky news and certainly the best political comment about the USA. This article on the failure of our President is nice and juicy.

  • George @ Convert Journal

    Thanks Father Dwight for the link. It is a good article.What really surprises me are the comments. For the most part they are excellent and really complete the article.

  • Just another mad Catholic

    There is a wonderful song by Flanders and Swan called "Patriotic song of Predujuce" which puts a sucunt case for English dommination of the world :)….. oh yeah we once did :)

  • Old Bob

    Dear Father, I am an Anglophile from 'way back, especially when I remember the RAF in 1940; but, with all respect, my anglophilia stops at the Irish Sea. The "Sassenach" treatment of Ireland is as big a blot on English history, as the American treatment of blacks and Indians is on U. S. history. Not that I think you think England is perfect, mind you! Thank you.

  • Quarr Abbey

    Well, I think you should love your president. He has made a huge difference to how easy it us over the water to love America.

  • walter

    it is a very nice article indeed and exactly the point ….i am glad i saw this

  • shadowlands

    Talking of England, where's the Vicar? I'm worried about him. I believe he reads the Telegraph, subscribes to it, in fact, I think you once said.

  • Little Black Sambo

    "… my anglophilia stops at the Irish Sea."Whose that in the picture, Gerry Adams, the famous Victim?

  • Little Black Sambo

    I mean "who's".

  • Lynne

    well I think Aussies are awesome!