The Times Online

A version of my earlier post about Richard Harries–the former Anglican Bishop of Oxford– who is now called Lord Pentregarth (sounds like a Harry Potter villain) has been posted in the Times Online. You can read it here. I admit the article is quite pungent, and I expect it will attract a good number of anti-Catholic and perhaps some anti-American comments. Go over and view the fireworks if you’re interested.

  • Athanasius

    I am amazed, absolutely shocked in fact, that the Times of all newspapers, published this piece.I think you are right to expect some anti-Catholic tub-thumping in the combox, the ultra-liberal Times readership won't stand for such common sense.But it's a splendid article, and it all needed to be said. Thank you Father, I hope you'll have made several people think.

  • Steve

    Sensible contraception? Is that like sensible abortion or sensible capital punishment? Joanne Chivers, in her comment to your Times article, has correctly identified Catholics as a dangerous sect. That sect being Christianity where one must choose to become and remain a member, and where we find multiple times in the New Testament a Church with authority to bind believers to its teachings (Acts 15), where the Church is the ultimate arbiter in any dispute between Christians (Matthew 18:15-17), where the Church is the pillar and bulwark of the truth (1 Timothy 3:15), where the Church has the authority to command the members of its flock (1 Timothy 4:11). Fr. Longenecker you rock!

  • Babs

    Joanne Chivers sounds like one of your alter-egos.

  • Bad Catholic

    This is what we have to look forward to first in Britain and then, ultimately here at home in the U.S. THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH IS A DANGEROUS CULT! How long will it be before faithful members of this dangerous cult are deemed unfit to hold public office, hold a professional license, etc. And if you dare to express your religious based hate speech in public, as you do on this blog, of course you should be subject to fine and imprisonment.Only enlightened Catholics like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden who think that the Church's teachings on things like abortion and contraception are outdated should be tolerated.

  • Edward

    A dangerous cult …? Perhaps so.Its founder died violently, as didalmost all the apostles. For thatgroup, it was exceedingly dangerous.

  • the Egyptian

    I guess you NEVER were a good Anglican, at least that is one of the takeaways I got from Joanne Chivers. Glad you are on our side.Go get um Father

  • Brian

    Sure we belong to a dangerous cult! Why do you think Jesus was crucified? Why do you think so many were and are being martyred?