Write the NY Times

If you would like to protest the treatment of the Pope by the New York Times journalist  Maureen Dowd write to the editor, Clark Hoyt. Here’s his email: public@nytimes.com

Remember to keep the letter charitable, reasonable yet firm. So the get the message quickly you might want to put ‘Fire Maureen Dowd’ in the subject line.

Here’s what I wrote. Don’t copy it, and don’t mention me. Just write your own email.

Dear Mr Hoyt,

As a faithful Catholic I am grateful for any effort which will help rid our church of the few pedophile priests. Honest and fair investigative journalism is part of this righteous crusade.

However, your journalist Maureen Dowd is telling lies. Pope Benedict is not guilty of any crime in the case of Fr Lawrence Murphy. You and your staff had the facts. Rather than implicate Pope Benedict the facts actually exonerate him. There are only two options: that you and your staff did not bother to understand the facts, or that you willfully distorted them. As you are intelligent people I have to assume the latter.

Shame on your paper for publishing lies and continuing this intentional smear campaign against the Catholic Church during the holiest time of our year. Would you launch a similar campaign on Muslims during Ramadan about the prophet’s marriage of a young girl, the institutionalized pedophilia amongst the Taliban or the Muslims shameful treatment of women? I think not.

I have decided to never purchase your paper and to boycott all your advertisers and I will be encouraging all I know to do the same.

Yrs sincerely,

Dwight Longenecker

If you want to read what Maureen Dowd wrote go here and here and here.

We now have a list of the NY Times online advertisers and will be trying to find ways to begin a boycott by Catholics.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07511506296459517887 John

    Bless you, Father Dwight.I had been thinking it was time to boycott the NY Times and MSNBC, but was at a loss at how to do so. When your list of the NYT advertisers is available, I will start writing them as well.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/17611595580578224726 B flat

    I hope you raise a storm with this, Father. I have written to Hoyt, and copied the executive editor as well.Living in Scotland, I won't dismay the advertisers with the loss of my custom, but the NYT cares for its international reputation, and I assured them that unless they apologise and do something concrete to show improvement (I used your suggestion re Ms Dowd) I would not even discuss their reports or opinions with my friends, and am saying why.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02487748842744745860 StevieD

    Could you draft an appropriate letter for English Catholics to send to the editor of The Times re Ruth(less) Gledhill, Father?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07511506296459517887 John

    Father,My letter to Mr. Hoyt is below. I do think that we should boycott the advertisers in the rint version as well – at least the national advertisers.Dear Mr. Hoyt,First, let me say, though it should not need to be said, the scandal of abusive priests as well as the cowardly non-response by Bishops apparently more concerned with the secular reputation of the Church than of the pastoral needs of their flock is richly deserving, and even needful, of exposure to the strong light of day. In this respect I commend to you the careful and thoughtful reporting of John Allen and the Boston Globe. If we are afraid of the truth, we have forgotten what it means to be Catholic. Your recent “reporting” however, has been neither careful nor thoughtful. It would be kindest to assume gross incompetence, but I confess I suspect darker motives. Your paper’s reporting on the Murphy case and Ms. Dowd’s bilious commentary has simply been untruthful. You have access to the facts – I’ve read the documents on your own website, and yet you continue to try to make the case that Pope Benedict did something wrong in the Murphy case. There is no there there. The accusation is so weak as to be shocking – one cannot imagine the New York Times making a similar accusation against a high public official with so little (i.e. no) evidence.Other than George Bush, of course. And that brings me to my question: Is it simply personal animus against a pope you don’t like that has led you on this extraordinary attack against Pope Benedict? Or is this payback for the opposition of the Catholic Bishops to the Obama health care bill? Whatever the case, shame on you! Though I rarely purchase your paper anymore, I have decided to boycott all your advertisers unless and until you publish a full and accurate correction and Ms. Dowd either apologizes or departs to pursue other opportunities.Regards,

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/09705229739649571349 Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    Don't forget the Boston Globe is owned totally by the NY Times. Needless to say I have stopped buying the Globe.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/09183131685247340667 Margaret

    I will do the same. I am a member of MOM's – we boycott and send letters in defense of the moral fiber of our country. I look forward to the list so I can send it to all my friends, Catholic and non! God bless you Father Dwight.