Fantastic Four

My four kids: left to right, Elias, Theo, Maddy and Ben. They’ve been a fantastic help while Mum’s away in England.

  • Old Bob

    Obviously darling and well-behaved children.

  • joan

    Over the weekend, a couple was married in Japan by a robot, a first. So there will be more competition in your work: link just might help you out now that you will be even busier.Perhaps he could help with your blogging: on Neatorama.

  • the Egyptian

    Father if you darling daughter looks like that, you will have bigger problems than a second parish on your hands :DIt's always a joy when the kids pitch in isn't it, being on a dairy farm the kids help whether they like it or not.Meantime My second daughter has her high school graduation and party this Sunday and my eldest daughter is getting married the following Saturday, Talk about headaches, I'm frazzled, and the wife is making me look calm, a prayer please, we need it

  • StevieD

    In my native Yorkshire when siblings were strikingly dissimilar in appearance, old ladies would mumble, "Their mother must 'ave a bike". Perhaps it's time to consider disposing of Mrs L's bicycle?