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h/t American Papist

  • christine

    Thanks Father for sharing. I wish this was on TV as a commercial. Just Beautiful. I'm proud to be a Catholic.

  • christine

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  • Babs


  • Edward

    I enjoyed the video – something goodfrom the Chicago area. All I have todo is look at local Chicago newsonline to see how much corruption,violence, and despair exists there.Thanks for the breath of fresh air -a genuine relief.

  • the Egyptian

    ah yes very good except at 1:12 we see the obligatory hand holding better known as the liturgy of the hand lotion. }:D

  • Arkanabar T’verrick Ilarsadin

    the right third or so of the embed is cut off in my browser (FF 3.6.3 with Flash Plugin v. in SalixOS 13.0.2a, which is a slightly extended Slackware 13.0.2 distro).For those who have this issue, the video's page on YouTube is at