Church Music – 5
Can you tell the difference?? from Corpus Christi Watershed on Vimeo.

I came across this video on Fr Blake’s blog. It fits with what I’ve written and there are plenty of good resources here.

  • christine

    Wow, I never understood why are music in church is blah. I will now view it as appropriate since we are re-enacting the death of Jesus on the cross. I'll try to explain this to my two teenagers at home who are bored in church. Thanks for sharing. Great explanation and video.

  • Robert

    I will also like to add that Vatican 2 did not say that the priests should face the congregation as well. But bad music and the priest being the center of attention is still the norm in over 90 percent of Roman Catholic Masses today. And will unlikely change in my or your lifetime. Is this being enforced by our Pope. NO!. Should it be YES!. Until it's enforced, what is the point.

  • mwa

    We are blessed to have a multitude of fantastic liturgical music resources these days, with true guidance, not just "this is what I like" arguments. See

  • flyingvic

    Hmm. This lays it on pretty heavily, doesn't it? You have the freedom to choose, of course, but the only music that is 'appropriate' is Gregorian-style singing accompanied by a church organ. (Never mind that Gregory introduced his 'style' so that all the men in the monastery, musical or not, could join in with the singing – a far cry from the beautiful choral singing in the background here which does not encourage congregational singing at all.)Do I see here a reflection of the way the Church of Rome operates across the board? "Of course you have absolute freedom to choose what you will, but we will tell you the one thing that is appropriate."

  • Fr Longenecker

    Errr, Flying Vic, you have clearly not experienced the breadth of Catholic worship either in UK or America. The charge that Rome enforces a uniformity in worship is so far from the actuality as to be laughable.The firm opinions of the people making the video should not be confused with the spineless laissez faire attitude of the church hierarchy.

  • flyingvic

    So laughable, Father, that I didn't actually say it…