More Christianity Re-published

My book More Christianity has just been re published by Ignatius Press. A generous explanation of the Catholic faith for Evangelicals, it is not an argumentative apologetic, but a winningly positive affirmation of all that is good about Evangelical Christianity with an invitation to ‘come up higher’ and have even ‘more’ Christianity

  • kkollwitz

    I recommend this book.

  • Athos

    Heartiest congratulations, Fr! In the Ignatius catalog it sits right beside Monsignor Knox's re-released book, In Soft Garments – most appropriately.IMO, Knox is the key and answer to C. S. Lewis's prolegomenon and entree for folk. Knox is equally if not more whimsical, adroit, scholarly, and, well, Catholic through and through. Your book's thesis is our modern expression and answer to CSL – excellent. Cheers, Jeff Hendrix

  • Rose Marie

    I love this particular book. I have read it, underlined, highlighted, and have given signed copies to all my children.