Mr Angry

OK, so there have been no posts this week. Give me a break willya? Lemme tell you what its like around here ok? Like have you ever had to start a new job and y’know you got to get your desk set up and put your pencils in a straight line and get your systems set up? Well around here I’m doing that twice. School starts up see, and then the parish job kicks in at the same time. I’m supposed to be superman or what? So keep your cool ok? And you want me to blog two or three times a day as well do you? What are you some kind of blog junkie? Get a life willya? OK here’s what’s happening. See. I’ve also got lots of ideas other than the blog cooking around in my little noggin you know? So I’m doing these here radio spots on the local radio because I’m teaching something I call Catholic Basics and then in the middle of all this I got to take 100 eighth grade kids up to the mountains for an overnight and I’m dealing with homesick kiddies and telling them campfire stories to scare the socks off them and the next day back to being Chaplain and parish priest and oh yeah don’t forget the wife and kiddies, two dogs a cat and then I’m supposed to be starting up my own weekly radio show but my pal Steve Wood gets me on his show first of all and then there’s people to visit who are bereaved and sick and want to talk about their problems. I’m telling you one thing. I sleep good at night so get off my case already and I’ll do the blog posts when I get around to it ok?

  • Karen

    Blog when you can. Your posts are worth the wait. Maybe you can get Bruce to fill in as your stunt double here and there to make things a little less hectic for you.

  • laurazim

    No worries, Father, ok? Like, we're here to read when you're here to write, see. So, like, breathe or something, ok? :)

  • thomas tucker

    Alright already.Must say I've been missing them, though.

  • dancingcrane

    Do what God wills and chill on the rest. We'll be here. Mad props to laurazim, best response evar. ^_))