Women of Grace Conference

Johnette Benkovic gives the lie to the idea that women have no power in the church. She runs her own apostolate, has a very popular EWTN TV show, speaks at conferences, publishes books and Bible study materials and happens to be a very feminine, very smart and very nice lady. Her organization put on a fantastic conference in Sacramento this weekend at which I was honored to speak. Yesterday at the conference it was pretty hectice. Nearly 500 women in attendance with Fr Philip Scott speaking about the ‘Father Wound’ and me after lunch telling my conversion story with a Marian viewpoint followed by a talk on Praying the Rosary for Inner Healing. Two and a half hours of hearing confessions, and a healing service with Eucharistic Adoration.

I wasn’t able to attend St Stephen’s this morning with my brother and his family because I had to go back to the conference and wind things up and say good bye. Instead I went to a little church here in Clarksburg and the priest was away. The substitute–a Vietnamese priest from a newly established Cistercian Abbey close by–asked me to say Mass at 8:00. It was a first hand experience of AmChurch Catholicism and I had to sort out pretty quickly the difference between matters of taste and liturgical abuses. Ah well, it’s not a perfect world, and I was glad to have the chance to minister to some very friendly and nice Catholics, celebrate Mass on a Sunday morning in a beautiful little church and share my conversion story with them.

I’m off to Los Angeles shortly and will blog from Tinseltown.

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    i had the pleasure of meeting her several yaers ago when she spoke at a conference her in DBQ. Your descrition of her is very accurate.