Ombrellino and Canopy

Does anybody know a good place to get an ombrellino? What about a canopy for use in Eucharistic processions? We need it for Maundy Thursday and for a proper old fashioned Corpus Christi procession…

  • Suburbanbanshee

    For a canopy, I think your best bet would be a fabric store, and a trip to Lowe's or Home Depot for poles. Ask your home sewers, or your local Society for Creative Anachronism or Civil War reenactors, for a good fabric supplier.Ombrellino's a little harder to DIY, but it wouldn't be impossible. It's probably within the abilities of your crafty-type parishioners.This lady sells both:

  • Daniel F. Kane

    I know the Archdiocese of Atlanta has both. Start with mfronek (at)

  • Victor S E Moubarak
  • Sunshine

    Dear Fr. Longenecker,Here is a link to a catalog that has both an ombrellino and canopy. The store's location is in St. Augustine Fl. at the shrine of Our Lady of La Leche/Mission of Nombre de Dios.;=pbp&page;=333&searchResults;=Canopy

  • Sarah R.

    Good luck finding one. I know my old parish used to have a canopy (baldachino) that they used in the Holy Thursday procession until we got a new pastor who didn't seem to think much of it.

  • Father S

    Dear Father, We made one at our parish two years ago. We have an awning store in town and the fabric was purchased from them. It is not brocade, but it is white and resilient. We were able to insert riveted brackets so that the poles could be easily and very sturdily attached. We added some gold fringe from a local fabric store. It is by no means a glorious canopy from yesteryear, but for the three times a year that we use it, it is very nice. If you email me, I'll send you some photos. Grace and Peace,Fr. S.

    • Elsie

      Can you send me a photo of your ombrellino you made. I am trying to make one and need advice. Thank you.

  • jedesto

    Father, Father!"… you are anxious and worried about many things…"

  • PJ is one source. If not for this year perhaps for next year….

  • Suburbanbanshee

    Well, I don't really see the point of buying a canopy if you can make a nice one. And really really good cloth is still a heck of a lot cheaper than having some canopy shipped from Italy. You could buy enough silk or silk velvet to cover the canopy, the altar, half the sanctuary, and three or four sets of vestments, for the price that lady's charging. She's charging for convenience, because it comes already finished. But hemming up a square of fabric and putting eyelets in it — not nearly as complicated as tailoring a dress.Now, if you don't have anybody good at sewing in your parish, that's different. But there's nearly always somebody.

  • paramedicgirl

    Yes, Father have your parishioners make one! We did just that at my parish. It is beautiful! We use it for the Feast of Corpus Christi every year and have a procession outside the Church.

  • catholicshinobi

    I have no idea where you can get one, but rock on for using one.Ask around, lots of parishes have one but never use it. And they should, it is such a great witness to show the world that we have the the blessed sacrament.It often impacts people more than any logic or argument.

  • Elsie Sanchez

    Does anyone have detailed instructions on how to make an ombrellino?