Monastic Churches – 6

This modern abbey church stands on the grounds of the ancient Citeaux Abbey–the original home of Bernard of Clairvaux. The ruins of the medieval abbey are visible and one or two of the ancient buildings still stand. Today the monastery houses Cistercian monks who make cheese and caramel candy.

I visited the abbey on my pilgrimage to Jerusalem in 1987. I am always intrigued by the monasteries that are re-founded on the site of ancient monasteries. Citeaux is one. Buckfast in Devon in England is another. Quarr Abbey is built just a few hundred yards from the ruins of a medieval abbey as well.

It reminds me of what a Benedictine monk once said to me about their persistence: “We’re like weeds. We keep coming back.”

  • ~Ana Paula~A Católica

    Father,Good Afternoon!A Big Salutation all over here from BRASIL!!Looking at this photo give to me so much peace and a great will of being there. A place which is so white, so full of light, so quiet…… As a Home of God should be.And may God turns this sentence as solid truth: "We [the monks] are like weeds. We keep coming back".God Bless Your Mission on Internet and All Your Readers!!

  • Giovanni A. Cattaneo

    Hate it. It lifts the spirit towards the Lord as much as conference room.

  • Patricius

    "We're like weeds. We keep coming back."Prinknash Abbey in Gloucestershire is somewhat similar in that it is housed in a property that belonged to the pre-reformation abbey of Gloucester.