Very Cool

Dear Readers. I apologize for so little blogging this week. Pretty busy with all sorts of details.

Go here for some fantastic entertainment…

  • Karen

    Fascinating and cringeworthy all at the same time. It's certainly a reminder that I should be ever thankful that my kids aren't daredevils.

  • Neophyte

    World Class Athlete for sure. I liked music, would like to know the name of the band.

  • kkollwitz

    Behold the West in its quirky splendor.

  • Lynne

    Father, never apologize for the lack of blogging… You have so many things on your plate, I'm amazed you can *ever* post a blog entry!

  • fried chicken strips

    How many bones do you have to break before you can do these kind of stuns?

  • B flat

    The earlier video of his was even more enjoyablefor me. Partly because it is made in the city where I live and work (Edinburgh), so the places are all familiar sights, but now seen quite differently; and partly because the music fits so well. See it here: beauty of his riding is hard won, like the best poetry. All I can do is admire, and love him for his generosity in sharing this talent with us without asking for payment.Glory to God in His creation!

  • shadowlands

    Christ won't be counting the blog follower complaints Father, on that great terrible day. He'll be counting souls. Let us followers deal with our own stuff. Your ignoring of us, might turn us to to Him…..You just keep doing the next right thing/duty/Holy Spirit inspired interruption detail, and if you get it wrong? As they say in A.A. Do the next right thing, and if you get it wrong again? Well say sorry again, and on and on and on and on and on. That's apparently, (according to A.A.) how to live God's will. Sounds simple doesn't it? Try it, for five minutes… Ha-ha haha God will triumph. And He won't make it hard, for us that are dust. If only we would bear that in mind, often…God called you Longenecker! He's gonna equip ya! He's got me prayin' Rosaries for ya, He's up to somethin' but never forget, it's about individual souls. Imagine, His plan for you, might be for just one soul. How would that suit your ego? Go on, think about it… It's what Our Lady was originally asked to be……………No-one knew if anyone would say yes to His message, before Our Lady said yes to the angel. (Gethsename had it's three scary moments, come to reflect on it….and we reckon we should have blog posts sorted out??????) Give yourself a break man. God bless you Father. All shall be well. Rest in that truth, at least once a day.

  • christine

    Father,Your a great Priest. Thanks for all you do and no need to appologize. Your plate is full.