Monastic Churches – 9

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Buckfast Abbey in Devon, England was built on the site of a medieval abbey which was ravaged by the Henrician revolution. It was re-built by Benedictine monks in the beginning of the twentieth century. You can visit Buckfast’s website and take a virtual tour here.

  • Giovanni A. Cattaneo

    These are the types of churches we all think of when we think of the English Gothic or Norman Gothic architecture. Which ironically its my favorite.

  • incaelo

    Buckfast Abbey was the first religious place where I spent more than a day. In the year before my baptism and reception into the Church, I had the pleasure of spending four days in the guesthouse. The combination of the hospitality of the brothers and the housekeeping staff, the schedule of prayer and Mass and the joy of Devon in summer means that I'll always look back on my stay there with gratitude.

  • Dr. Eric

    That reminds me, I think I'll have eggs for Buckfast.