Wm Oddie on the Ordinariate

William Oddie writes here about the unprecedented pace of reception, ordination and action on the Ordinariate in England. I must admit that I have been proved wrong. I thought the English bishops would drag their feet, eventually start the ordinariate in some backwater somewhere and hope it would all go away like a bad dream. Instead the action is taking place in the heart of Westminster–down the road from Westminster Abbey and around the corner from Buckingham Palace. The English like symbolism, and like the Pope’s address in Westminster Hall where Thomas More was tried–the location, speed and positive attitude towards these matters by the English bishops–led by the Archbishop of Westminster–backed no doubt by his auxiliary Alan Hopes–himself a former Anglican priest–indicates the highest possible profile being given to the new converts. I’m jubilant.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/08383178253798427977 Anthony Brett Dawe

    Apart from gutting out all, as in ALL, the wealth of the churchHenry VIII went to great lengths to break the links with the forebears and golden thread of Saints on this islandProf Eamon Duffy of Cambridge (who'd a thunk it) has demonstrated, archeologically reestablished and 'imagined' this lost world of faith based life, and the'pogrom of memory'directed against the same. Not content to merely violate the living 'good' King Harry had to declare spiritual and physical war on the dead as well. Of course debasing the past debases the present also, and I am always struck when returning from the continent, where terrible assaults on the church have occurred, by the meanness and coarseness of England in partiucular. Where, as my eldest son says, their idea of 'fun' is 'drinking til they puke up their chips' Churchmanship? Where? Faith Hope and Love the greatest… hmmm. Thin on the ground at best.As the good Padre experienced himself the other day perhaps my Roman Catholic fiends will now even more reexperience that link to our much abused and purposely denigrated forebears and Saints…this is my prayer at leastPray for us all ye Saints of these Isles… pray to God for us.Mot just repentance but rebuilding. There can be no other way… society has not yet ended with either 'a bang or a whimper' just sunk to a mildewy inertia and malaise.Perhaps the Padre will get the good folks in their always present North American charity to really pray for the exciting moves FORWARD thank THE TRIUNE GOD FOR A CHANGE.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/04273064434098923960 Et Expecto

    I think the pace is being dictated by the CDF in Rome.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12373317560249811006 Fr Longenecker

    The CDF may be dictating the pace, but the location and accessibility and publicity is local and commendable.