Help Haiti

In Haiti thousands are still living in basic conditions in tent cities. The children there are victims of bereavement, sickness, malnourishment, homelessness and crime.

Ten of our students from St Joseph’s Catholic School are doing a ‘Help Haiti’ project for their annual mini-mester at the beginning of March. They are doing various fund raisers to purchase and fill ‘survival boxes’ for children in Haiti.

If you would like to Donate to this little ‘Help Haiti’ campaign you may do so through this blog. Just hit the ‘Donate’ button and make your donation. I will then make sure the money collected goes to the campaign, and after it’s all done I’ll report here on our efforts.

If you make a donation make sure you put in the PayPal note: Help Haiti. Many thanks!

  • shadowlands

    great stuff Father. Glad you are doing this. Christ chose to be born amongst the poor for a reason. Heaven might be filled with unrecognizable souls for some! I mean really hair turned on it's head type of stuff. It does say, eye has not seen, nor is it unto the imaginings of man…..