Greenville to Nashville

It’s a beautiful five hour drive through the mountains from Greenville, South Carolina to Nashville, TN. Mrs Longenecker and I took some time together to make the drive today. Tomorrow I’ll be one of the speakers at the Nashville Highest Call Men’s Conference along with Patrick Coffin from Catholic Answers. I’ll be speaking on the theme of my book, Listen My Son –St Benedict for Fathers--relating the ancient Rule of St Benedict to the needs of Catholic men today. If you’re in town, come and join us at the cathedral in Nashville.

  • Paul

    My father and I are making the 2.5 hour drive from southern Illinois to Nashville to attend the conference. We look forward to hearing your talk. Have you been to the Cathedral of the Incarnation before? It is a beautiful church. My wife and I used to live in Nashville, and our two oldest children were baptized there at the cathedral.

  • kkollwitz

    Tell Mother Longenecker we hope she has a great time venturing into the Interior of the Continent.

  • skeeton

    Fr. Longenecker,A hearty thanks to you for taking the time to be with us this past weekend in Nashville at The Highest Call Catholic Men's Conference. From the feedback I've received, your talks on Benedictine spirituality proved quite popular. I especially appreciated your aiding the men with their examination of conscience using the Benedictine counsels: stability, obedience, and conversion of life. Judging by the length of the lines for Confession, I was not the only one who benefited from it! Please let be sure to let us know if you ever make it back to Middle Tennessee. We would love to host you and your wife again!In Christ,Saul

  • Paul

    Father,I very much enjoyed your talks on Saturday. To be honest, when I saw the topic you would be covering (Benedictine spirituality), I wasn't sure how interesting it would be. But I really did enjoy your talks. One thing that I have taken away from your talks is a re-commitment to establishing a regular rhythm of morning and evening prayer with my family. (Nothing too long or too fancy since we have small children, but at least something.)I do wish that they had provided more time for Q&A;, since I think that the Q&A; with both you and Patrick was the most interesting part of the day. I considered asking you what the Vicar would say about St. Benedict, but I decided to keep quiet since there were plenty of more serious questions. :-)