Mission Territory

It’s a joy to be here in the Archdiocese of Galveston Houston. Mary Queen parish in Friendswood is a large community outside Houston. My duties this weekend were to preach at all five masses, and celebrate two. In addition to that I’ve been drafted in to speak to the Saturday morning men’s breakfast, and the youth event this evening (Sunday).

My homily on the woman at the well compared ‘Coca Cola Catholicism’ which is all fizzy and bubbly and sweet with ‘Clearwater Catholicism’. The three traits of clear water Catholicism are that it is pure, prayerful and powerful. In a town where Joel Osteen has his mega church I thought a comparison with Coca Cola Christianity might be apte.

On each day of the mission I will speak after the 8:30am Mass and then at 7pm. On Monday I will tell my conversion story, on Tuesday I do a presentation with powerpoint called ‘What Do You Think?” in which I examine twelve different ‘ism’s’ that plague modern day America. There set out in four sets of three. On the third day I provide the solution–which is to be One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic.  Each set of three are countered by one of the four marks of the church.

Being away from school, family and parish is an increasing drain, and it seems to be God’s will that I am receiving fewer invitations to speaking engagements. Over the next year I hope to focus instead on more writing and broadcasting work–which I can do from home.

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    Did they agree to send their Navy to help us get India back…?{just wondering… AdmEd}

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    non…?j'espie la perfide du Sante Sierge.Mtr Terese prier pour l'Anglais ordinariate.