Shahbaz Bhatti – Martyr for the Faith

This link reports the proposal to the Vatican to officially recognize recently slain Pakistani government minister Shahbaz Bhatti as a martyr. We should begin praying to this saint who gave his life in conformity to his Lord for the conversion and loving defeat of Islam.

  • shadowlands

    I prayed, to Our Lady, after hearing about his death. I also pondered if I would have the courage, to be a martyr.I hope so, by the grace of God.

  • Tanzeel Zehra

    Pakistan’s urban chatterers deliberately refused to accept Mumtaz Qadri (assassin of Salmaan Taseer) as a product of the military establishment’s jihad enterprise. They rather comfortably called him a lone wolf; a lone wolf who is garlanded by lawyers and appallingly defended by shameful Taliban apologists in the media. A few days after the assassination of the Salman Taseer, Shahbaz Bhatti’s father passed away and his funeral was attended by the poor Christan community, PPP workers and PPP Federal Ministers. The right wing inclined media completely ignored it and their hand in glove friends in the urban chattering classes, who pose themselves as “Liberal Left” these days, didn’t bother with it either and neither attended the Christian funeral. Not fundo enough for the former and not glitzy enough for the latter. Furthermore, the English media dons, many of whom present themselves as the bastion of liberalism didn’t even bother to write about this nor did they expose the hypocrisy of their right wing colleagues.

  • Dr. Eric

    Neo-Martyr Shahbaz, pray for us!

  • Sadaf Jamal

    No one in the Punjab government took a stern decision to remove the salaried cleric of Badshahi Masjid when he refused to lead the funeral prayers of the slain governor based on a media-created false notion of alleged blasphemy by him, which he had never committed. No one else could teach a lesson to the clerics and media persons who had been inciting violence through their irresponsible pulpits located in mosques and in TV channels’ studios. No one could act sternly against those hurling fatwas (edicts) against Sherry Rehman (MNA from the PPP who had moved a bill to amend the blasphemy laws) and anybody who supports Aasia Bibi, the alleged blasphemer, sentenced to death for the same.