The Cheerful Exorcist

Here’s my latest article for InsideCatholic–on being cheerful and cheeky in our battles with Satan.

  • shadowlands

    I used to fear old nick, but I know God is in control and His will be done. I want to go and see The Rite, especially as Anthony Hopkins is in it!By the way Father, we watched The Book of Eli at the weekend (encouraged by your review a while back) and my son thought it was really good. He had no idea it was about the Bible and I didn't let on either, acting in true 'wise as serpent' mode as scripture suggests, heehee!(Matthew 10:16)

  • shadowlands

    Sorry to hijack your post Father, but someone sane(you, just for today) needs to say something about Charlie Sheen. I know you've got a soft spot for Mel Gibson, so I thought I'd leave you a quote from Charlie (Carlos's) dad, Martin, it reminds me of the day they told me, my own son was going to die, four years ago, due to massive brain injury. All the family were resigned. I got the priest in and we prayed for healing (with activated faith). My son received his cap and gown for quantity surveying(wotever the heck that is?) last Friday. Our God, is an awesome God. Anyway, back to Charlie Sheen, he needs a blogging priest to take up his cause:“When a life is at stake and it’s your child, you become fearless in a lot of ways. I mean, you just become a fanatic…….nothing gets done, unless it's done by a fanatic. I got sober through Catholicism, through my faith. I only got involved with AA when I was trying desperately to find a way to help Charlie, because I didn’t have any skills." Martin Sheen.My son, was a Charlie Sheen in the making, before his injury.

  • Anthony Brett Dawe

    only reported in the Daily Telegraph in Uktwo high court justices advising against a Christian couple wanting to foster a child:'there is no room in English law for Christianity'*yup, Google it*[don't we know thatsafact ED]