Laetare Sunday

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For those of you who like to collect pictures of rose vestments, here is my brand new chasuble worn today. Made by the industrious and creative Mrs Wersinger–a local Catholic seamstress. These pics were taken after our 9:00 Mass at Our Lady of the Rosary. PS: That’s our oldest son Benedict on the right.

  • Ben

    Fadda! You're wearin da hat!

  • Paul Rodden

    Is she making your new soutane with purple piping too, Monsignor? :)

  • Sarah

    Ooh nice. Is the gray orphrey meant to keep it a little penitential? A+ for the snazzy alb too.

  • Anneg

    Me, too. Is the orphrey grey or purple?Do you wear a cassock underneath?

  • Fr Longenecker

    On Sundays I wear the cassock beneath the alb. On weekdays I wear a simpler cassock alb. The gray orphrey helps to keep the rose vestment sober.

  • tubbs

    get the good dame to whip up a maniple if she's got any fabric left.

  • Fr Longenecker

    Unfortunately there was not enough fabric even to make a dalmatic…

  • priest’s wife

    what vitamins are you giving that boy?

  • kkollwitz


  • Andy

    Very nice! Its clear that Mantilla has some stiff competition on this side of the pond. Too, looks like you have a fine cadre of Altar Boys.

  • carl

    Looking sharp, Fr. Thanks for commissioning beautiful new works of art for the liturgy.

  • JD Curtis
  • Dr. Eric

    Lookin' good Father. Glad to see you breaking out the biretta.