Priest Arrested!

Yesterday a humble cleric who was merely going about his business trying to save souls was arrested for ‘thought crimes’. Fr. Duane Pennypacker was accused of being ‘immature’ and ‘insecure’ for allowing people to poke fun at some very serious women dressed up as clergymen.

The interrogator at police headquarters said, “You should be praying for zose you disagree viss, instead off making fun off zem.” Fr. Pennypacker was sent to be ‘re-educated’ at a local ‘training center’ which is run by the Reverend Lavinia Wickett. Rev. Ms. Wickett said, “We have a 100% success rate at Dworkin House. Misogynistic priests like Fr Pennypacker either come through the education process fully converted to the idea of women priests or they leave the Anglican Church.” The Association for Civil Liberties was asked to comment on the arrest of Fr. Pennypacker and their spokesperson said, “Bigotry has no rights. Fr Pennypacker is arrogant and cruel to women. It is right that he should spend some time with Reverend Wickett at Dworkin House. She’ll put him right soon enough.”

  • Denita

    Poor Padre..LOL!

  • Nod

    This is the follow up to your last post, I see.Oh, and it IS funny!

  • shadowlands

    The two ronnies did a series of sketches, where women ruled the world and made men dreess up as women. People should think on……

  • flyingvic

    Is that a young Pope Benedict on the left?

  • Fr Longenecker

    Good one VIc!

  • Anneg

    Actually, Vic, I heard that the Rev Lavinia has been named your bishopess.And Mother (Father?Parent?)Inquisitor.

  • Paul Rodden

    At least he wasn't sent to Rawls Place…

  • Marilyn

    Hmm. I can also find humor in the idea of people dressing up in priest clothing. For example, all those in denominations that have rejected the authority of the See of Rome pretending that they still share the apostolic succession that validates their own claims to authority. Men, women, what's the difference? May we all be granted the humility and purity of heart to accept the one true catholic and apostolic faith

  • Nan

    Is this the catalyst for the Vicar's conversion?