Ben at Belmont

I don’t often post family personal stuff, but I sure am proud of Benedict, our oldest son. He is a freshman at Belmont Abbey College this semester.

Here he is with his mum on parent orientation evening on Friday. We’re super lucky to have him at Belmont. He won a cross country scholarship (he was sixth fastest in South Carolina in high school) and he also was awarded the prestigious Hintemyer Christian leadership scholarship.

‘Scuse me bragging! He’s turned out to be a pretty spectacular kid and we’re asking ourselves what we did right?

Pray for him and for us, and ask the good Lord where on earth I’m going to get the rest of the loot to pay for college for four kids!

  • Deacon Dick

    mea culpa mea culpa. God guide us all. You have every right to be proud, and yes we will continue to pray for incoming college Freshmen everywhere. It is a tremendous leap in Faith. God Bless.

  • Elizabeth

    His mom's expression says it all. For some reason tears came to my eyes.

  • Tito Edwards

    Nice!Can't go wrong with Cross-Country runners.That and Belmont Abbey are one the few schools I would purposely try to direct my children to attend because of their reputation for Catholic orthodoxy and academic excellence (in that exact order).Excellent job in raising a fine sone for you Fr. Longenecker and your wife!

  • Gail F

    Congratulations! We are doing college visits for our daughter, who is a high school senior this year. I don't know how we will pay for college for TWO. PS: Daughter is doing cross country this year but I don't think any running scholarships will be coming her way!

  • shadowlands

    Well done!

  • Judy

    It's okay, do not worry. Our kids had to make their own way through college, and our youngest of 7 starts today. We would have loved her to go to Belmont, but it was just too much, even with a scholarship. It is a wonderful school! We will help with incidentals, she will be working to pay what is left over from the scholarship she received and loans she will be taking out. It will be hard, but when was it ever easy? My husband worked three part time jobs, as well as all summer on construction. Yes, college is a lot more now, but he commuted, and wages were a pitance compared to now. Christ's peace.

  • Rose Marie


  • qualcosa di bello

    Congratulations!!! our oldest graduated from Belmont last year & had such a lovely transition into the "real world." it is an awesome school. God bless!!

  • the Egyptian

    bragging well taken and as a Dad well understood, One large attaboy to you and your son Father, man that sounds odd doesn't it ;>)

  • doctoreric

    I wish young Benedict much success in his endeavors. Congratulations to you, Father, and your lovely wife on raising him.

  • Alli R

    One of the main reasons that Ben has turned out so well is (in the words of Sean Connery in the 3rd Indiana Jones movie) because you "chose wisely" when you married.While there are some very strong marriages in which the couple holds very different beliefs (mine was one of them, although my spouse has since converted to Catholicism), it definitely helps to practice the same faith. The Catholic Church (in her usual wisdom of doctrine) has very good reason to discourage out-of-faith marriages. One of the reasons (in my humble opinion) that your eldest has turned out so well is that he comes from a happy home. Congratulations!

  • M. Jordan Lichens

    I was (and still am, now that I'm done with grad school) discerning a vocation with the monks at Belmont. They are an amazing bunch and Abbot Placid is particularly a wonderful man. Your son is lucky and he will receive a fabulous education.

  • Sally Thomas

    Congratulations! I hear the Abbey theologians, in particular, are to die for. We're en route to Texas, meanwhile, taking our firstborn to the University of Dallas. I hope I'll be smiling that mom smile this weekend, instead of doing the Mom Is Mortifyingly Tearful thing. All good wishes to Ben, and prayers for all students embarking on this great adventure.

  • Jo Joyce

    Father, Congrats on your son going to Belmont! My 3rd child, Claire, is in love with it after visiting there a year ago (on our way home from the Glenn Beck event in DC). This summer she attended their "Apologics 101" camp with Patric Madrid and LOVED it. She cried all the way home, can't wait to go next year, said it was a life-changing experience, and wants to be a camp counselor there. Thanks for all your postings. They are often life-changing for me, albeit in a fractional way, but most of us change better "fractionally." Blessings, Jo Joyce, Edmond, OK

  • Alli R

    Jo Joyce,Very exciting to hear more great things about Belmont. It is definitely on the list of schools for our son (even though he's only in 7th grade, we're trying to compile a list of orthodox catholic colleges for him when the time comes). We do not want to pay $50,000 or so (God help us!)a year for him to be indoctrinated in modern secularism (as I was on my parents $s). Debate is all very well and good, but indoctrination by fervent secular humanists who haven't grown up – bad. I might be ranting(a bit), but it took me 9 years after attending a very liberal, secular college in the '80s to come back to the Catholic Church. And I made a great many major mistakes in that time based on what I was "taught" at that school: "expensive" mistakes indeed.PS: I too find that there aren't many "Road to Damascus" changes in my life. It's mostly just plodding along with (fractional) change happening. I wish it were easier :).